Sunday, August 7, 2011

Captain Carl's/ The Falls 30k Trail race

Wow....wicked good times. I really missed trail running and this was a great way to kick it back into gear.
My race started at 7:15 PM and it was a little over 100 degrees when we started. Freaking HOT! I started the race towards the middle of the pack as I knew that I was not trained for this distance and terrain. I stayed with a group of folks for the first 30 minutes. Then when we hit the dried up river banks I decided to move forward. I started moving through the other runners focusing on keeping my heart rate as normal as possible. I was concerned about blowing up towards the end of the race and going to hard at this point would totally make that happen.
After the second aid station I was in a really good grove and knew there were people ahead of me that I wanted to catch. I just stayed focused and made sure I putting time into them. By the next aid station I caught them. Big smile here! I topped off my water bottle and as they were walking back to the trail I ran quickly to get out. Right out of the aid station there was a really really long downhill. I forgot that I might actually have down hills running skills as I flew down the hill passing more people than I thought I would. By this time the sun was gone and it was time for lights. Running in the dark it a totally different type of racing. Shorted strides and you never take your eyes off the ground.
At this point I had a girl right behind me with this crazy bright light so I just kept mine off and used hers. She was a cool cat and we watched out for each other for the next 4 miles.
By the next aid station I was starting to feel the pain. I was pretty dehydrated as my black J&A's hat was totally covered in salt. The angel Leah Neyfler was there and she made me take on my electrolytes that I normally do and then forced me to eat a Popsicle. That totally helped as I started feeling a little better.
With about 3 miles left there wasn't much company which is fine by me. I just followed the glow sticks hanging from trees and tried not to step on any spiders. Yes...spiders we hanging out on the trail as we ran. You could see them using the your light as their eyes reflect the light from your light. Yes....creepy! At the last aid station I stayed for a little longer than I usually would to take on extra water. Well....that didn't help because when I left I had 4 guys right on my tail. Running int he dark on the trail is way harder on the guy up front and I wasn't about to let those guys come around so I had to pick it up and do my best without killing myself.
The last aid station was 2.82 miles from the finish and I ran like it was. I dropped all 4 guys and caught 4 more people. I had one more guy in my sights with a half mile left and I tried to catch him but he saw me coming and he held me off.

Absolutely awesome race. Not too hard but just tough enough. The hills weren't too bad for me at where I am right now and I am happy about that.
After the race I was talking with the race director Joe. He asked where I had been since I dropped off the face of the earth from trail running about 5 years ago. I laughed a little and he says to me, "It's that triathlon shit.....that stuff sucks." I had a really good laugh at that and promised he'd be seeing more off me more often. I really like Joe so being able to speak with him after a while was nice. He's the god father of Texas trail running.

I have no idea what my actual time was but it was something like 3:25 for 18.6 miles.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

2011 IMCDA race report

2011 IMCDA race report

It’s taken me some time to get my head wrapped around writing this dam thing. I guess it’s now or never.
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho is quite a bit different than Austin, TX. The big difference is the weather. Holy shit it’s nice up there compare to what we have going on down here. The grass is green, the flowers bloom and you may even need a jacket at night. It’s a resort/ touristy little town of about 44,000 people. The locals love the event since we pump a ton of money into the local economy and we’re all usually gone by Tues.
I stayed in a house with Natasha and Steve from and the famous Capt. Jim and Capt. Jim’s wife (Michelle). We had great local!!! Nice little 3 bedroom with a lawn and back deck. We were about a 10 min walk to the race site which was PRIMO!
The first 2 days we were there was the basics: Pre race swims, rides and runs, driving the bike course, pack pick ups, bike check ins and hanging with Hills at Recovery Pump .
What was the most interesting thing about the pre race was the water we were swimming in. Holy crap was it cold. About 55 degrees with a nice steady wind to make the waves just so much fun. The swim on Friday was interesting. Capt. Jim, Michelle, Natasha and I all went down on Friday morning to swim the course a bit and when we got there we kinda all thought about coming back the next day. The water was just brutal with white caps all over the place. We all ended up getting for a bit but what felt like 30 minutes was more like 11 minutes. Not turning back now so we sucked it up.
Race Day:
Early to bed. Early to rise. Fish like hell and make up lies.
Ooops…..wrong event!
Race morning went as planned. Bike check, bags check and bathroom time. Nothing out of the normal there. It took a long time to get down to the water. Not enough room for athletes and too many spectators in the damn way. Once down to the water I realized I had my J&A’s wool cap on and my Oakley’s. Shit!!!!! I didn’t want to lose them and I couldn’t find Capt. Jim (not racing). So I prayed to the lost and found gods to help my stuff get back to me. So I tucked them in a corner and hoped. Once I made it to the water I jumped in real quick after they said not to to get a little used to the cold temps of the water. Chatted with some folks I didn’t know and then BANG!!!!! The cannon goes off. Of course I lined up incorrectly and end up in the washing machine that is most IM swims. It’s just nuts. Add that to the cold waters temps and it totally sucked. I had to stop about 2 minutes in because I was hyperventilating. I treaded water for about a minute and caught my breath, convinced myself that I wasn’t going to die and off I went again. The swim of an IM event is like none other. You get hit from all angles and there isn’t a ton you can do about it until it thins out or you go way off course. This being a 2 loop swim made the moshpit feeling last that much longer. Because once you jump back in you’re back at it with getting knocked around. Oh well…..this ain’t my first rodeo.
Swim time: 2.4 miles in 1:15:48. Exactly where I thought I would finish.
T1: 6:43 -Nothing to eventful here except the guy who flipped out when I dropped my bike stuff on the ground next to his. He got all worked up that we were going to mix stuff together. Listen guy…..if you were trying to an AG spot to Kona you would have been out of the water a long time ago. Asshat.
Bike: 112 miles
I did this course in 2009 and had a pretty good idea of what to do and what not to do. 2 years ago I came out like Lance Armstrong and dies at about mi 70. This year I took my time to get into the swing of things and not crush the first loop. Nice and steady on the flats and controlled on the hills. I felt pretty good one the first loop of 2 loops and that carried into the 2nd loop. But as usual my back started to really bother me @ mile 90. Wow did it hurt like hell. Thank the lord that my friend from San Diego, Brittany came up next to me with some words to say (she was talking shit) that helped me make it through the remainder of the ride.
** The Frito incident: I love Fritos any time anywhere. I eat them while I train and I had some with me for the race. I out a bunch of them in my bento box (a little box that goes on your top tube that has a Velcro cover on it so nothing flies out) so I could snack away all I wanted to. At mile 60 I stopped to fuel up on some Gatorade. I didn’t get off the bike I just stopped and straddled the bike. I realized I had to pee so I just went right there. This is come practice in triathlon so it’s not biggie. Once done I start riding again and its Frito time! I reach in and grabbed a Fritos and then I realize what I did. I pee’d all over my damn Fritos.  This sucked! Oh well…..shit/ pee happens and I had a race to finish.
Bike time: 5:53:59. About 19 mph
T2: This is where the wheels came off for a moment. I got off my bike and I could barely stand because my back was totally F’ed. I struggled through changing into my running shoes and then while getting sunscreen applied I dropped. I couldn’t even stand up anymore. I was helped over to the ART guys in T2 and they worked on stretching my back out for about 10 minutes. They did what they could and sent me on my way. This marathon is going to hurt.
T2 time: 13:31
Run: 26.2 miles
Once onto the run course I was happy just to be able to move but the way I felt I knew that if I did one quick move I would be done for the day. So I just stayed straight and made as little turning as possible. The first ½ of the marathon was solid. I average about 9:10 per mile and that was just where I wanted to be. I felt good and my legs were in the right place. Once through the ½ point I started to mentally crumble a bit. I just didn’t want to run anymore. It happens…the tough part is starting back up again. So I did about 3 miles or so of walk/ run. It sucked and I could see everything kinda slipping away. Time to rally but I need some motivation. Where do you find motivation? You find it in the form off a 5 foot 1 inch tall red head with freckles and like to talk shit. Yes…Brittany was now on my radar. I saw her on the first lap and she was 8 minutes ahead of me. The second time I saw here she was 4 minutes up. I was gaining and this got me moving. I had 6.7 miles to the finish and I was determined to hunt her down. So I hit an aid station, grabbed some fuel and said to myself, “Fuck it dude….lock and load.” The next 6.7 miles were all or nothing to me. I was going to run as hard as I could for the remainder of the race and I didn’t care how much it hurt.
Now when people say that an Ironman is mostly mental they aren’t kidding. You gotta have your head right and in the game or you’re toast. The 6.7 miles started on an uphill that a ton of people were walking. So I ran it with the hopes that I could. I got the top and ran down the back side of it. Feeling ok here. My feet were on fire but this is something that I can deal with. Next was the Vancouver Canucks fan that I needed to pass. On my way by I reminded him that his goalie sucks and the bruins are the greatest. Next up was the little hill that I hate so much because it goes on forever in my mind. Again, people walking so Logan runs it. By this time I can’t see Brit and I know there is only 3 or so miles left. Where in the hell is she? I keep pushing and I make it to the neighborhood that kicks ass. Tons of people, music and support. I would have loved to enjoy it all but I was on a mission, so I put my head down and kept pushing. Come Brit you little pain in my ass….where are you? I finally forgo my damn watch and ask someone what time it is. Someone yells out 6:40 p.m.. Math time! I have 2 miles left and I need to get there by 7 because I want to break 12 hours (we started at 7:00 a.m.). I know at the current pace that I was running that I could run 2 miles in 20 mins but I also knew that the next 1.5 miles were mostly uphill. Keep running Logan……you got this! I continue to run up the hills and I take a moment to cheer on a guy who’s 72 and doing the race. Way to go young man.
With a ½ mile left to go you take a turn onto Sherman Ave and it’s all downhill to the finish. This is one of the best finishlines in the IM world. Straight, slight downhill and there are a million people the entire way cheering you on to finish. By this time I realize 2 things…….Brittany has beat me and I am finishing under 12 hours. That’s all good in my book. I run down Sherman Ave with only one guy around me and this guy wants to race to the finish. Sorry folks but this is a totally shit ass thing to do to someone. If you have enough gas in the tank to finish the race going all out then you cheated yourself during the event by mot pushing it. If you do this then you are a tool and a few choice other words. I let the d-bag just go one by. I soon hear Mike Reilly calling my name and I’m finally in the finishers shoot with about 50 m to go. I give a few high 5’s to the crowd and take a second to think about the things that are important to me. Once at the finishline I cross my arms like I safe in baseball and call it a day.
Run time: 4:26:19….last 6.7 miles were at a 9:20 pace
Total time: 11:55:57
Found Brit in the massage tent after the race and she has beaten me by 3 mins. I guess she had the opposite in mind when she saw me last. “Jesus don’t let Logan chase me down!” I’ll get you one of these days Brit.

Great race for me and the event. Besides pissing on my Fritos and my back issues the race was awesome. With that being said I don’t plan on doing any IM’s for at least the next 10 years or so. I just can’t swing the commitment and my back really likes ½ IM’s better. Going back to trail running which is what I do best. Gonna give the Bandera 100k (yes that’s 62 miles) a try and then go for the big dog and find a 100 miler to try.

The next day:
We went down to the race expo the morning after the event to check things out and see Hills at Recovery Pump. While making our way to hills I noticed a lost and found area. I was pretty sure my glasses and skull cap were gone. But I thought I would at least look. Well holy shit! My J&A’s skull cap was there. This thing is a collectors item! Glasses were gone but I just didn’t care. Getting my cap back was the highlight of the day.

As always thanks to my mom and family. You guys keep me going. Thanks to Megan and Cassidy for listen to my meltdown a few days before the race. My coach Zane. Thanks to Pain for all the mental coaching a guy could ask for….you are the greatest! Thanks to Molly and Seba for not being normal and keeping me laughing all the time. Thanks to Capt. Jim and Capt. Jim’s wife for dealing with me for 5 days. To Natasha and Steve for shipping my bike. To Jack and Adam’s for all the mechanical and nutritional support……oh and free parking! Thanks to everyone that sent kind words before and after race day. Thanks to Hillary Hanson for saving my life after the race with food and water.

And thanks to Fitzhugh Road. You’re a piece of shit and I really do f’ing hate you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretty dang cold for Austin

22 degrees when I woke up this morning. Yesterday was 17 and tomorrow everyone is freaking out because there is a chance of snow. I'm more pissed because the 2 pools I swim at are both closed. Shit, even the bosses are thinkng about closing the offices tomorrow. What's up with that? I'm gonna be freaking bored all damn day if I don't go to work.
Ran after work today and it was 29 degrees. Yeah, that's cold with the crappy wind blowing. I was still able to bust out 7 miles and 2 of them were 6:40's. I still got it.
After I finished I sent a text to a friend of mine and she said I was crazy. I replied.....I'm just determined. I think that's a good way to look at it. Although another 15 minutes outside would have done me in.
Good news: The heel is getting better and my running form is getting back to normal.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A bit behind

Lots of things in the pipeline the past 2 weeks. Here's a brief overview.

- Website is almost active. Lots of the behind the scenes drama with the server host.
- Firming up details for the annual Leakey Death ride. The Ryan's and Hills will be my camping guests this year. We're all wicked excited.
- Training my butt off. Had a major tire blowout last Sat. and that cost me some riding time but I made up for it with some hammering at the end of the ride.
- Holy shit cold outside. @ 5 it was 30 degrees and the wind was howling. So what do I do? I go for an 8 mile run on the trail. Nice and empty.
- Doing a race in May called the X-50. 1 mi swim, 40 mi bike and a 9 mi run. Capt Jim's wife and The Shop Boss Lady (Michelle and Angie) are coming with me and we're bringing the pop up. Another great road trip in the making.
- Business is coming along. Sending out quotes and lots of talking.
- Ordering another sound system next week. Louder and lighter.

For the folks back home:
Saw Chitwood made the news in Philly. Something about bullying. I'm pretty sure he'll soon have the schools on lockdown and the riot police standing guard at recess.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Wicked busy week. I'll update more this weekend when I have a chane to rest my head.

Oh.....and find BigMouth Announcing on Facebook and like the page. Thx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a day.

Wow...I am freaking tired. One hell of a day that saw a lot get done.
Woke up when I felt like it this morning. I love it being cold outside. I can be a candyass and ride inside my place. My computrainer is set up about 4 feet from my bed. So when I rolled out of bed this morning 20 minutes later I was on my bike. 2.5 hours on the CMPT today. It was fun out of the gate but with 45 minutes left I wanted off. Just don't have the endurance yet. I'll get there.
After the ride I changed quickly and headed out for a 6 mile run. I found out during this run that I live almost exactly 3 miles from J&A's. Not only the best bike shop on the earth but the best turn around point ever. Felt great during the run today. Please let race day be like this......yeah right!
After the run it was a quick shower and then lunch because I had a meeting at 3 that I arrived early for so I could get some work done.
I spent 3+ hours at Lift Coffee shop today with Cassidy. We worked on getting my website up and running. We ran into a couple of speed bumps but I had a blast hanging with her and we never lost patience with each other. Now that alone was awesome. At one point while we're there I look around the room. I knew all but 3 people. Everyone else was a cyclist or a triathlete. Guess Lift is a hot spot for badasses. Hell...Brandon and Amy Marsh showed up straight from a ride and that just raised my level of badassness to another level.
So after a long time dealing with GoDaddy and me telling everyone that I have an "in" with Danica Patrick we finally called it a day. I took Cassidy out for dinner and we kept talking business. This is exciting shit people and you better get yer ass excited about this stuff!!!!! Love me some shop talking with Cass.
Once home I jump back on my laptop to price out travel expenses for Knoxville. After some much needed research I think we might be having our own 1/2 IM in Austin that weekend. Just too much $$$$$$ for a race that doesn't need to be done by me at this time. But like a good sport I told my co pilot for this adventure that it was her call if we go. Totally passed the buck on this one.

Tomorrow is another long day with 2 meetings, a long run, lease renewal and a stop at the grocery. I need sleep!

Friday, January 21, 2011

First time for everything

Cranberry sauce update: Picked up a can on the way home along with Fritos, pickles, PB and a get well card. Going to the grocery with Logan. Always interesting.

So I did something that I have never done before. I actually did my own swim workout without a coach. They closed the pool at Circle C this morning because of the cold. I needed to swim and I just received a 1 year membership to Pure Austin. Pure has a pool at the Quarry that's outdoors but heated and covered. So I got out of bed at 5 this morning and drove north 20 minutes. I was the 3rd one in the door @ 5:35. At 5:40 I was in the pool and I was all alone. Nice!!!!! I drew up a workout in my head on the drive over there and it worked out to perfection. The funny thing was when I was doing interval sets I could still hear Pains voice saying, "And go.....".
It's nice knowing that I can pull it off. Both Pain and Zane sent me a text about me making it to the pool. Zane called it motivation. Pain said she was having a heart attack.
After work I hit the computrainer and did a workout for 75 mins. Good times and I had a nice sweat going.

Lots to do this weekend. Meeting with Dan and then another with Cassidy, long ride tomorrow followed by a 6 mi run, long run on Sunday, lease renewal and about a million other things. Busy busy busy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter in Austin

When I got to work this morning it was 59 degrees. I went out of the office at 10:15 and it was 53. 5 minutes later it was 41 degrees. That's cold in Austin.
Yoga at lunch. After work was a 1 hour run. Got to run a little w/ Guice (pronounced - Gwee chee). She was moving along so it was a good fit to get me going.

I'm out of cranberry sauce. Shit could get ugly over here if I forget it tomorrow while at the grocery.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trifecta Wed.

Swim this morning with Pain. 3 things that drive me nuts about this mornings swim
1- Show up on time not 1/2 way through the workout.
2- learn to tell time and not leave 5 secs before you should. Some of us need that 5 secs.
3- The fact that I am the slowest in the lane. Sucks.
At lunch today I hit the Performance Wellness to have my heel worked on. Freaking hurt but we're getting there.
After work was a 1 hour ride on the computrainer. Good lord I am loving that thing. It's totally saving my ass since I can't ride outside after work. Just too dark right now.

I love cranberry sauce out of the can. Not the whole cranberry stuff. I'm talking the processed jellied shit. I could eat that everyday and it would never get old. Best .88 cents I ever spent.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Raw nasty speed

Started witht he SHIP this eveing for my run. I did the warm up with them and then moved intio my own workout. 200's and 400's. I tired to ficus on my form more than anything else. I hope I looked good. lol

Working on getting my business going. If you have not already please like my Facebook page. Just search for Bigmouthannouncing.

Did yoga today and my flexibility kinda took the day off. Tough yoga time for Logan.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I really should not be tired but I am.

75 mins on the trainer with a killer workout. Happy to do it.

The end.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain is a pain

But I am not complaining. I got to ride the computrainer this morning for 2 hours. If I were on a regular trainer I would have come close to loosing my mind. With the CPT I got to stay occupied buy all the information it was kicking out. My speed, avg speed, heart rate, avg hr, watts, rpms and a bunch of other stuff. Plus Zane created a workout for me to do for today while riding. If I had to do the workout on the road it would have been tough but on the CPT I could pretty much do what I wanted as far as terrain and weather. Part of the workout was a 20 minute time trial. Wow....the last 3 minutes were intense. I almost fell off the damn bike. I was going pretty hard.
After the ride was a 15 minute run in the cold rain. It was nice to get outside and get some fresh air.

After working out this morning I went and had tea with Haggs. Man I really enjoy yapping with her. We spent almost 2 hours at Life Cafe talking and gossiping.

Tomorrow is an easy effort run. Zane is telling me to take it easy tomorrow on the run because he is preparing a killer week of running for me next week. Oh.......such good times!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swim is on!

Got word from Pain that swim is a 99.9% go for the morning. Good news.
Not much to report today. I'm swammped at work and I don't like that.

Yoga at lunch today and trainer ride after work.

Good night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I miss swimming!

Odd for me to say that but I honestly do. I was just getting into a good grove but it's looking like I'll loose it because the pool will probably be closed again on Fri. Totally weak!!!!

After work I went and had my orthodic running insoles worked on. I have had them for 3 years and haven't had anything done to them. They were looking a little rough with some rips and tears. Tammy Harbison is the real f'ing deal over at Elite Feet. She doesn't mess around and got me back on my feet in no time. I totally recommend her for your orthodics. Yeah...they are a little pricing but they are totally worth it.
So remember.....when you think orthodics you better think Tammy @ Elite Feet or I'll beat your ass.
After my appt with Tammy I hit the shop for a quick change and then into a run. It was 43 degrees when I started so getting out the door was a little rough. When Stephan Schwartz looks at you right before you run and says, "You should be wearing tights." Then you know it's gonna be cold. I still wore my shorts. Once I got going it wasn't too bad but cold is cold. Ran through Zilker park a few times and had a 30 minute time trail effort mixed into the workout. Great workout and my #'s show improvement over 6 months ago.

Getting a new stem put on my Kaliber tomorrow. It's a little shorter than the one I have now and hopefully this will fix my back issues on my long rides.

Mega're a whore. But I will play you again on Friday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's cold!!!!

Woke up this morning and it was 31 degrees. That's cold for us folks in Texas. I actually wore pants to work today. Yoga at lunch today warmed me up. Each time I go I am seeing improvements to my flexibility. Plus I am feeling better when getting up from places. For years I have looked like an old guy when I get out of bed, out of a chair or off of the floor. But lately I am noticing that it doesn't hurt as much when I get up. Improvements like that keep me going.
After work I hit the computrainer for 80 mins. Some people think I just get on the trainer and ride whatever I want to. Not so. Zane has specific workouts for me to do. Here is an example of why I need a PHD to understand some of this stuff:

W/U 45min including 3x1' drills of fast pedaling with your cadence about 110rpms. Rest for 1' between each, w/ ez spinning. Additionally do 1x5' effort at your FTP (functional threshold power) and then all out 1' effort. rest for 3-5' between these efforts. The majority of the efforts should be levels 2-3 (end-Tempo). Make sure you have 10' of ez pedaling before your first test effort:

That's just the warm up. The main set was even crazier. I am not complaining because I know they are working for me. But before I leave the office I have to write the workout on a post it note in my own words so I can follow it while training. I can't figure out the workout and do the workout at the same time. Just too much going on.

I was texting with Pain this evening and she said there is a 10% chance of the swim actually happening tomorrow morning. That sucks because I really want to swim tomorrow. Oh well....plenty of more times to swim coming.

I kinda jacked up my heel this weekend. I get to run tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Come on Mega gotta come through for me!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Focus week

This week I fully intend on hitting all of my workouts. I do not have as many as last week but the ones I do have this week are much harder and complex. Last week I trained for 15+ hours and this week I am scheduled for 11.5. I'm not complaining! I actually get to sleep in tomorrow. Good times.
Today I was up early for a swim. Cold weather keeps people in so it was me and one other guy. It was nice to be able to focus on my technique and not have to work my ass off just to keep up. I'll get that Wed. and Fri. if weather allows it.
After work I hit the trainer for 60 mins. The workout was tough but doable and I felt happy finishing it.

Big score today from Dan and Jack. They got me a years membership to Pure Austin Gym. I'll be ripped soon! Yeah right.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I run the trail here in Austin I always think in sections. That's how I get through my runs. The section behind the Statesman, the section between the dip and the rowing center, the section from 35 to the entrance back onto the trail and etc. There are so many sections going on in my head when I run i couldn't even think about listing all of them. Again....sections keep me going when I'm struggling.

Yesterday was a good day of training. I hit the roads for 2.25 hrs of cycling down in Circle C. Plenty of shoulder to ride on and nothing too boring. I averaged 17.5 and I took it at a moderate pace so that was nice. After the ride I laid low for a few hours before I jumped onto the trail for a run workout. 20 min warm up, 25 min time trial and 15 min cool down. Good times.....I like this workout.

Today was another character builder. It's more for mental toughness than anything else. 1 hour 40 mins at 8:50 pace and then the last 20 mins a 7:40 pace. Nailed it! the big thing about this workout is that I can't eat anything while I do it. I have to go on what I had for breakfast. All i can have it water and salt. Towards the end my hips were cramping a little but not bad enough to get me to slow down.
Happy with the outcome.

Went to the movies last night with Nat, Boozy and Beth. Saw True Grit. Great movie and acting. The movie had more of an old English flick with long winded answers and New England wit. I still enjoyed it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

swim/ run/ repeat

Hit the pool with Pain this morning. Good lord I am out of swimming shape. Pain will fix me or kill me trying.

After work I run for 60 mins. I forgot 2 of my snacks today because i was wicked busy at work. I paid the price during the run. Light headed after 30 mins. I knew it was nutritional so I just kept going knowing it wasn't going to kill me. Score one for mental toughness today.

Looking forward to a solid weekend of training and relaxing. Changing the oil in the X and paying bills are really all I have to other than train. Kinda nice not having 4 million places to be.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nice night for a run

The weather was just about prefect this evening for a run. I was joined by O'Connor the Blonde and that totally helped passed the time. The point of the run was an easy effort and since she was sick we didn't go even close to moderate. Just social and that was just what I needed.
Hit up yoga today at lunch. Gettin' more flexible everyday.

My job is not rocket science so I don't get too serious about it but......I have a guy that sits near me and he is sick with a cold or something. He has the manners of a 12 year old boy and the noises that came out of him today got so bad I almost whipped around and told him he needed a class in manners....the guy was freaking gross. This is coming from a guy who has seen his share of gross shit while tri training. But this is the office for Christ sake.'re gross and you're mother should be ashamed of how she raised you!

Oh yeah.....get better asshole.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good sore

I hit the pool this morning and it showed that I haven't been for about a month. I was wiped 1/2 way through. Pain was loving it. At about 11 this morning I started feeling the aftermath of the workout. My shoulders are dead right now. Gotta start somewhere. Pain had us breathing to our weak side this morning. Swallowed a lot of water.
After work was a run out of J&A's. Dropped my Kaliber off there and while I did my run James dialed it in for me for this weekend. Thanks James.

1 hour swim
1 hour run

I get entirely way too much freaking mail.

I swear I was at work when this went down!

This guy kinda looks like me but not as good looking.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm not so much of a 5:00 a.m. guy

When your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and you automatically get pissed you could be in for a long day.
Was up early for a 75 min trainer ride today. Didn't feel great getting on but felt good getting off.
Had yoga for 1 hour today during lunch and that was a good workout.
After work I ran w/ Boozy for 90 minutes. She talked about her stressful day of trying to find the right door to an office building and I educated her on the history of the Teamsters. She had no idea what the were and I was shocked. Guess that's what you get when you grow up in the upper burbs of Houston. I don't think the guys from NASA have a union.

Had the X worked on today and the bills was less than I expected. Nice!!!!
Used the new bathroom stop that O'Connor the Blonde showed me last week. Boozy was impressed with my bathroom knowledge.

Coming out of bed swinging tomorrow morning. I actually get to see Pain. Haven't seen her in over 3 weeks!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Making the effort counts.....


I didn't sleep well last night so I slept in this morning. Not the best way to kick off training for the year. I figured I'd just hit Barton Springs after work and swim a mile.
That lasted all of about 5 minutes. I was sooooo uncomfortable in the water today for a few reasons.
1- It was cold
2- I brought tinted goggles and it was getting dark. Everything looked like weeds and it was wicked dark.
3- I did not have a wetsuit and as soon as I got out I realized I really needed one.

Shitty way to start but I made an effort even though it was a shitty effort.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Enough fucking around.

Tomorrow is day 1 of my training for IMCDA. 06/26/2011 is the date and I fully plan on going into the race prepared and ready.
Day 1 is already having some complications. The weather guy is saying that it's gonna be around 27 degrees @ 5:30 tomorrow morning. The pool will not open if the temps are below freezing. So I am just hoping that 32 plus degrees will show up instead. I am eagar to get back in the pool. I miss my Pain injections on Wed. and Fri. mornings.

Ok....gotta go for now. The L Train is starting it's departure from the station tomorrow. next stop...Painville.