Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter in Austin

When I got to work this morning it was 59 degrees. I went out of the office at 10:15 and it was 53. 5 minutes later it was 41 degrees. That's cold in Austin.
Yoga at lunch. After work was a 1 hour run. Got to run a little w/ Guice (pronounced - Gwee chee). She was moving along so it was a good fit to get me going.

I'm out of cranberry sauce. Shit could get ugly over here if I forget it tomorrow while at the grocery.

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etg said...

Nice...I sound like a Chia pet or something now! Thanks for finishing my run with me. Note to all readers: the cold weather and my lack of proper running attire for it was the only reason I was running at a pace that would get Logan moving!