Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's cold!!!!

Woke up this morning and it was 31 degrees. That's cold for us folks in Texas. I actually wore pants to work today. Yoga at lunch today warmed me up. Each time I go I am seeing improvements to my flexibility. Plus I am feeling better when getting up from places. For years I have looked like an old guy when I get out of bed, out of a chair or off of the floor. But lately I am noticing that it doesn't hurt as much when I get up. Improvements like that keep me going.
After work I hit the computrainer for 80 mins. Some people think I just get on the trainer and ride whatever I want to. Not so. Zane has specific workouts for me to do. Here is an example of why I need a PHD to understand some of this stuff:

W/U 45min including 3x1' drills of fast pedaling with your cadence about 110rpms. Rest for 1' between each, w/ ez spinning. Additionally do 1x5' effort at your FTP (functional threshold power) and then all out 1' effort. rest for 3-5' between these efforts. The majority of the efforts should be levels 2-3 (end-Tempo). Make sure you have 10' of ez pedaling before your first test effort:

That's just the warm up. The main set was even crazier. I am not complaining because I know they are working for me. But before I leave the office I have to write the workout on a post it note in my own words so I can follow it while training. I can't figure out the workout and do the workout at the same time. Just too much going on.

I was texting with Pain this evening and she said there is a 10% chance of the swim actually happening tomorrow morning. That sucks because I really want to swim tomorrow. Oh well....plenty of more times to swim coming.

I kinda jacked up my heel this weekend. I get to run tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Come on Mega Millions.......you gotta come through for me!

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