Thursday, February 19, 2009

GI's about time.

WARNING: What I am about to write about is poop....plain and simple. If you have issues with poop then don't read any further.

My stomach has been all jacked up for the last 5 days. I am pretty sure it's all that granola that I have been eating that I got for free. It has a bunch of flax in it and my body is not used to it but the stuff is so damn good. Anyways..... nothing has been coming out like it usually has and I am farting up a storm all day. I'm talking room clearer's and stuff that'll make your eyes water. Not my usual flower smelling farts. ha!
So today I went to the bathroom for a movement 3 times before I went for my run. The last one was right before I took off and I just knew that it wasn't going to do the trick. So off I went from J&A's to the trail and @ mile 2 it was like the Guns of the Navorone were about to blow out by back side. Good lord this was off the charts. I actually had to stop running and even walking was causing me issues. I finally made it to the iron bathroom at the 4.5 mi marker. I was about 2.25 into my run. To be blunt..... I destroyed that bathroom. Something was coming out of me that wasn't human. Finally I feel as though I am completely empty and can't possibly have anything more in my entire body. I exit the bathroom and start my run. At this time I have to totally rework my workout. I was suppose to do 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy 10 times. I just didn't have it in me anymore. So I changed it to run as hard as you can until you finish. I haven't done that lately and I just wanted to be done with my run. With about .75 miles left my stomach made this ungodly gurgle and then I farted for what seemed like 2 minutes. Once the fart gave out my stomach cramped and I was back to feeling like my intestines were going to come out of me. What the hell is wrong with me I asked myself. Now I am caught with trying to run fast so I can finish and also not trying to run fast so I don't shit my pants. I make it back to J&A's and of course the bathroom is occupied. So I stood there for about 2 minutes doing the "Please don't let me shit my pants" dance. Once in the bathroom about died. I never knew I had that much.....whatever in my body. Good lord.
I am hoping this will all pass and I will start being normal again...... or at least I am hoping my insides will be normal again. I am running after work tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

Workouts for today:
Morning spin with Mags. Not the hardest workout I have ever done but I think I was a gear off the entire time.
After work I ran the Outhouse 7 miler. 7.21 in 56:31. My first 2.5 miles were at a 8:30 pace. The last 5 were at a 7:30 pace.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally.... a day off

I try to push my athletes to take a day off about every 10 days. I mean totally off. No exercise whatsoever and to get as much sleep as they can that day. You just can't train everyday without giving the body some rest. The only people who can do that are the people who get paid to be triathletes. I have seen plenty of people down the pike that train everyday and I can honestly say that they last 1 season and I never see them again.
Well.... I was looking at my training log last night and I realized I have not had a day off in over 4 weeks. Yup....that's bad. So I got up this morning to head to core and all I kept thinking about was how in the hell am I going to get a day off in this week with the schedule that I have. So I get to core and I give Pain her coffee and then it just comes out...."Pain..... I'm not working out today." I explained why and she was very cool with that. So I watched core for about 5 minutes and Lapuente says to me, "A day off is a day off from everything. You should be resting." So I take her advice and leave. I drive to work and sleep in my X for 75 minutes and wake up exactly at 8:00. Good timing. I then take another nap at lunch for 60 minutes. That's the most rest I have had in a while.
So tomorrow I start another block of training. It looks like the next day will be in 14 days. I hope I can make it that long. We'll see.

Stupid shit..... the a-holes that don't use theri directional signal in the cars. It's not an option when you by the car. It comes with the f'ing car for a reason you twit.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up

Thursday, 2/12…..
In the morning I met up with Pain for a spin class at the PTC. Always a good time.
After work I went and ran the 7 mile loop on the trail. I did it as a Fartlek.
2 mile warm up
¼ mi hard
¼ mi easy
½ mi hard
¼ mi easy
¾ mi hard
¼ mi easy
¾ mi hard
¼ mi easy
½ mi hard
¼ mi easy
¼ mi easy
The rest is cool down. I did it in 59:06 and covered 7.38 miles. Ran in new shoes and they seem to be working out well.
Friday, 2/13…..
Went to performance Wellness to have my shoulder worked on and brought Holly coffee. She was sooooo excited!!!!!
After work I ran the 5 mile loop on the trail. 42:50 and covered 5.22 mi. Not my best run but Sat. is the long ride so I was hoping that it didn’t kill my legs.
Saturday, 2/14…..
Ohhhh how wrong I was. The long ride on Sat. killed me the first 40 miles. I never was comfortable and the cold/ wind didn’t help. I was dropped more than once and that pissed me off. The last 15 miles or so I hung with Joe and Babb but I was still pissed about not being able to keep up. Total: 66.26 mi in 3 hours 30 minutes.
Before the ride I hit Barton Springs for my weekly open water swim. It was 2x800. 15:28 and 15:39. Some poor guy had his bag stolen out of there while he was swimming. Piece’s of shit that took it. What a bunch of d-bags.
Sunday, 2/15……
Sunday was the Austin Marathon so the trail was QUIET!!!! It was awesome! Joe and I ran 13 mi in 1 hour 42 minutes. We finished off the morning in 1:49:38 for 13.86. That’s a 7:55/mi pace. Faster than what I wanted but it was cool just running with Joe. George ran with us a bit but that little shit it was too fast for us.
Monday, 2/16…..
Swim at CTY. The water is stupid hot there. Mo is telling me it’s cause the kids complain more than the adults do about the water being too cold. Damn kids.
3000 meters

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just too tired to write something every day.

So I have been slacking with updating this blog. It's proof that I am busy as hell training.Things are going really well right now. I am staying more focused than I ever have. It's a good feeling. Let's get caught up. Saturday-1200 meter swim at Barton Springs. It was a good swim. 48 miles on the bike. It was brutal heading out to Kyle. Head wind most of the way and when the wind wasn't at your head it was at your side and that was just crazy. A couple of times I had an "oh shit" moment thinking I was going down. the way back was just freaking awesome!!!! Tail wind. At one point Babb and I were doing 36 mph where we were just going 14mph on the way out. Averaged 19 mph. After the ride I had the shittiest cup of coffee ever!!!! It came from Starbucks which I was surprised about. I was in such a damn hurry I didn't have time to bring it back. So I sucked it down like a champ and chalked it up to toughness. After the coffee issue I hit the PTC to clean bikes. I did 5 of them before my back started killing me. Once I got home I ordered a new bike stand so i don't have to bend over while cleaning anymore. It should be hear soon.Sunday- We ran 10 miles. I think this may be the last 10 mile run for a while. Ohhh.... check that. March 8th will be our last 10 miler for a very long time. We did the 5 mile loop on the trail twice and we had to go faster on the second loop. It's called a negative split. I did it with about 2 minutes to spare. Total time was about 1 hour 16 minutes. That's an average of 7 minutes and 46 seconds per mile. Much faster than what I should have done. After the run I went to Rogue and bought some new running shoes. I love getting new shoes but I love getting a coached discount even more.Monday- Up early for some Yoga. Marko was on fire that day. The guy is freaking hilarious. I hit the pool later in the day for a 3250 yard swim. The pool water is heated and way to damn hot to be doing a hard workout in. Monday night I coached a hill workout. I had my athletes run Wilke repeats. Wilke is a big freaking hill at about a 10% grade. That's pretty steep.Tuesday- Ahhhhhh... I love sleeping in even if it's only til 7:00 a.m. Pain has out me on a new Tues. workout. Now I rotate my Tuesdays between running with the Ship for a speed workout and doing a run/bike/run. The r/b/r was a 30 minute run followed immediately by a 1hr 10 min spin (the spin was fucking brutal) and finishing off with another 30 min run. The workout was awesome but I can see myself getting worn down because of it. It's a solid 2= hour workout on a Tues. I'm not uses to that. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it. Wednesday- Core in the morning with Pain. Always tough. I did my usual Wed. swim in a pool that was way too hot again. I was in a seriously pissy mood so i really didn't do much talking. Get in, get out and get on. I am coaching again this evening. Tonight is speed work on the track. I don't expect many people since Wilke killed some. Candyass's!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today was a good day. Nothing spectacular but still pretty solid.
The morning started off with a spin class with Maggie. This was Mags first spin class to coach at the PTC. She did a great job. The music was a little loud but we soon remedied that. Lots of big gear work and low cadence. Towards the end of it all I wanted to do is go fast with the cadence.

After work I hit the trail and did the 3 mile loop and then ran to the Thurs. hill workout with the Ship. The workout was all hills in Tarrytown. 1 mile, 3/4 mile, 1/2 mile and a 1/4 mile to finish it off. I am still working out the kinks between me and my Garmin so I only got the time for the mile. 6:30. I almost caught Paladino but he heard me coming and sped up. Good workout. I like working my ass off with hills involved. I thought we should do more repeats but the Garmin was @ 6.8 miles and I still had to run back the X. The run finished off with 7.5 miles. Good enough for a Thurs. As my training progresses I'll start adding more miles to the Thurs. run. I am thinking up to 12 max.
I am trying to find another day to run but am running into some scheduling issues. I have a few spots open but they will only allow me to get in about 5 or maybe 6 miles. I don't want junk miles so hopefully Pain can give me some ideas on how to handle this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A quick catch up

I took Friday off from training. Smart idea.
Sat.- I swam 1200 meters at Barton Springs. After that I did my long ride with T3. I did 66 miles and then did a brick off the bike of 30 minutes.
Sun.- I ran 15 miles in 1:57. I was hurting a bit towards the end. It was my longest run since training last year fro IMAZ.
Mon.- Swim at lunch. 3500 meters
Tues.- Spin in the morning with Pain. Massage with Lisa @ 8:30. Track workout with the Ship after work. 1 mile time trail, 4 x 400 and finished with 3 man relays for a total of about 5.25 miles.
Once I get the time I'll write some more.