Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good day to be a Tuesday.

This morning was up and out early for Pain's spin workout. You missed a good one Joe. Even Booher said it was tough. 2 mins building a gear every 30 seconds while holding cad. 4 minutes building cad. each minute while holding gear and a 2 minute time trial. 3 sets with the time trial going an additional 2 minutes each set. Finishing off the morning with a 10 min set. 5 x 2 min sets with the last 30 secs in a heavy gear holding the same cad. Good times. It's good to have Pain back.
After work today I did the track workout with the Ship. 3 x 1 mile repeats. I ran with Paul and Jen for the first 2 and then they split the last one so they would only have to do an 800.
Yet again it was hotter than hell outside but with a little breeze. My cardio was not feeling all that great by the 2nd one and Jen told me not to think about my ride this morning. She's a smart girl.
I have 1 month before H2C in Oregon and I need to drop about 10lbs and gain some serious speed. I plan on running at least times a week for the next month with 2 rides worked in. We'll see how that goes.

Shoulder update. I went to PW yesterday to have my shoulder worked on by Phil. After some mobility tests he tells me my shoulder is fine but my neck is a mess. So now it's neck stretches for a while and hopefully the nerve that runs from my neck through my shoulder and down my arm will start feeling better. My hand is going numb and that is just freaking irritating. Back to see Phil tomorrow for my neck and a possible knee issue. Good times.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep on keeping on

Wed. was another early morning. I hit the ptc at 6:00, brought Pain coffee and then started a core workout. I haven't done much core for 2 months so this was going to be tough. I hung in for about 40 minutes and then my mind and body knew it was time to shut it down. Smart move as I wasn't as sore today as I thought I would.
Thurs. caught me dragging my ass out of bed again to make it to spin with Pain. I enter the door with coffee in hand for the Pain distributor and I was quickly on the bike for an hour spin class. I worked hard this morning. Even Pain said after the workout that I worked the hills today. I figured I'd spent much of the last 5 weeks being lazy so it's about time I got my ass in gear.
After work today I joined the Ship for a hill workout. I ended up running with Jen again and we kicked out 3x800m repeats in 105 degrees. I took plenty of time in between sets to get my rest and to get my hr down.

I went to Performance Wellness today for my shoulder. It's not any worse but I want to get it back to a better position. Sellers gave me a workout with it and I am happy to be back there working on getting better. I see Dr. Phil in 2 weeks to start a strength program for it and after that I'll be hitting the gym to workout out my back and neck. I HATE the gym but it's only for 3 months. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to make the dounuts

This morning I ran 5 miles before work. I needed to get some sort of run mileage started and it's been way too hot outside to do it after work. So I dragged my carcass out of bed a little bit before 6 and made myself run. I never went hard and I just stayed around an 8:50 pace. I just couldn't get my legs going. Post Ironman syndrome is what I call it. I have been training for slow and long stuff for 6 months so my body isn't ready for fast stuff.

Well that changed this afternoon. I went to a speed workout with the Ship of Fools after work today and boy was it fun. After a mile warm up and about 10 minutes of drills we started the workout. The ladder. 1600, 120o, 800 and 400. No pace was given so I just went as strong as I could to see how long I could hold out. I got lucky because Jen wanted to run with me and she is a solid runner. We kicked out the following.
1600 - 6:45
1200 - 5:08
800 - 3:23
400 - 1:27
In 106 degree heat I consider this a victory. When I do speed work I never use a hrm.... I just go hard. HRM's are great for long stuff but not so much for speed work because if you are doing the speed work correctly then you should be well above your AT. It's like the watch thing with triathletes. They can't run without a watch. Well sometimes you gotta leave that watch or hrm at home and just go hard and see how long you last.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Parker the dog.

This is my new friend Parker. She's a 2 year old rescue I met last week at Seba and Molly's. She is a great dog that was so laid back for a bulldog. She and BoBo got along great.
No, I don't have dogs. I'm never home and I live in a small apt. Wouldn't be fair to the dog.

Random thoughts.....

So here I sit in my kitchen/ dining room/ laundry room and I have some actual down time so I thought I post some stuff.
1- I am one fat bastard. Gained about 10 lbs since CDA and I feel like shit.
2- I have strange friends. One just called me and told me he was coming over on his way back from Dallas. That's all good. Then he tells me he's kidnapped a Mexican and stole 2 kilos of coke and was wondering if I had a sharp knife. I'm like, yeah I do. He then hangs up and calls me back 10 minutes later and tells me he's ditched the Mexican, stole his car and told me not to tell his wife. Then he hangs up. Strange people.
3- It's freaking hot here. I'm getting headaches all the damn time and I'm back to being dizzy while standing.
4- The home run derby is a joke.

Yup... that's about it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Don't be fooled!!!

Country Fresh Raid smells just like regular Raid but with a very light hint of shitty smelling flowers.

Just sayin.......

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some post race pics

This is what I got home to when I arrived back in Austin.

Partying with Sunday on a Monday.

Booher is feeling no pain in this pic.

When Noah and Logan have a few beers no one is safe. Even the post party hosts 3 year old.

IMCDA kicked someone's ass.

Best damn beer tap ever.

10:00 a.m. the day after the race. Thanks for the beer Haggs.

National Anthem