Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend update with Logan

So Friday I jumped out of work early so I could get a head start on getting to Smithville for the Dirty Du weekend. It had rained all day so driving out with the pop-up was a trip. I made it safely and got the pop-up squared away. Slept like a baby Friday night and the pop-up didn't leak. I had never taken it out in the rain before so this was a test run for future trips. I woke up Sat morning, ate some bread and honey and then walked out the front door onto the Dirty Du 1/2 marathon course. I love trail racing. No big hoopla and no one is in a real big rush. The race started @ 9 a.m. which is awesome compared to the 7 a.m. starts I am used to.
Since it has been raining for the past few days the trails were a mess. Water crossings all over the place and peanut butter mud. The kind that sticks to your shoes and then sticks some more. But that wouldn't scare off any seasoned trail runner. I needed the run to get me motivated once again so there was no way I was going to miss it.
The race itself was awesome! Tons of mud and water. There were cows, run down shacks and even more mud and water. I finished the 13.1 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes. That was good enough for 5th overall and 4 male across the line which got me a nice beer mug. I am way off of the 31 miles I will be running in January but I had to start somewhere.
The rest of the weekend was good times with friends and then another race on Sun. I announced the Dirty Du that morning and then helped clean up. I was home by 4 and in bed by 7. Long day and I deserved some long sleep.
Monday I jumped out of bed and headed to the PTC for a core class with Natasha. It was just me and Dr. Phil that morning but it made things go by fast as I tried to keep up with Phil. That little bastard is in great shape and kicked my ass all over the place. I'll be going back to core again tomorrow morning and I hope to start going on a regular basis. I am weak and need the help.
Today I ran about 7.5 miles this morning and then another 7.5 miles after work. I need to start upping my mileage a lot so it looks like running twice a day is going to happen more.
I wore my compression calve sleeves this evening and they totally helped. My legs didn't feel as tired as they did this morning. I am wearing my compression socks right now and plan on wearing them to bed. I need all the help I can get because I plan on running the next 7 days straight. Gotta shed some lbs.

While I was running this evening I noticed a bunch of women running by themselves in the dark with headphones on. I can't stand seeing this. This could possibly be my biggest pet peeve next to someone who can't stop talking about what they have done and what they done more than you. Just a bunch of assholes.

I registered for the Triple T in Ohio in May of 2010. I also paid for my hotel for the race already. I am still not sure if I'll be healthy for the race but everything is refundable or transferable. We'll see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Running on empty

Rolled out of bed this morning and made it to swim with Pain. 1 hour swim.
After work I jetted down to J&A's for a run. My knee bothered me a little out of the gate but what bothered me more was that I was out of gas. I totally felt like I had no energy. This has happened before so I just pushed through it and kept chugging along. No speed records were broken today.

Tomorrow I head out to the Rocky Hill ranch with the pop up for a weekend of camping, racing and announcing. It suppose to pir tomorrow so get the pop up up is going to suck.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quick update

Ran for 70 minutes this morning and felt good. After the run I jumped into a core class with Natasha for 30 minutes. My knee killed me the rest of the day. Not so bad now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here we go again.

Just back from vacation back home and I feel like shit. Of course I ate way too much and slept way too much and drank way too much..... now I pay the price. But one thing that I like about life is that we all need to start over again every once and a while. It allows me to refocus on my goals and give me some motivation.
I have less that 2 months to prepare for Bandera and I feels as though I can. It will take a lot of focus and discipline but i feel confident that I can pull it off. So it's back on the wagon for me, back to watching what I eat and a bunch of 2 a days.
I am racing this weekend @ the Dirty Du 1/2 marathon. I'll probably fall apart but it will give me an idea of how trouble I'm in for the rest of training.
Lately I have been wanting to get back on the bike outside. I'm kinda itching to start tri training again but one thing at a time.