Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tires, teeth and bird beaks.

Today was a fun day.
Yoga at lunch where I almost did a head stand all by myself without using a wall or getting help getting my legs up. Still needs work.
After work I hit the road for a 30 mile ride from the shop. About mile 4 I had a flat. I like to think I'm the king of changing flats. Now with the lack of daylight after work my mad tube changing skills come in wicked handy. 2 minutes on a rear wheel and I was back on the road. What caused the flat? It was either a bird beak or a tooth from a small animal. Even the animals can't clean up after themselves.
The ride was kind of discouraging. Head wind the entire time on the way out and the way back sucked because of traffic. I still negative split the ride and that's what I wanted to do but I just didn't get really comfortable.
Once back at the shop the rear tire was flat again.....go figure. I changed real quick into me run shit and took off for a 7 mile run. The coach told me to have fun with the run. How the hell do you have fun with a run when it's getting dark and no one is running with you? I have run the 7 mile loop enough times to know...... I would need some company to have fun this day.

News and notes: I am starting my own annoucing company. It's called BigMouth Announcing. Yeah go figure...BigMouth. My first order of sound equipment came in today and I pick it up tomorrow. I hope it works because I have a gig on Sunday.
Website will be up soon.

Day #2 of things I am hooked on. Corn, Oil and salt.....all I need to survive.

Thanks SGV for the hook up. Since we went camping back in May I have been living off of these things.'re not going to get me on the Double Stuff Orero's. Well maybe not until after INCDA 2011.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Always learning

Today I learned that when you ride for 1 hour on a trainer @ an 85% effort all you need to eat are 3 Fritos every 15 minutes and wash it down with water. I would not recommend this for anything further.

Things are going well. I am 11 days away from my next race and I am feeling physically and mentally good. I am at my race weight. I peaked a little early and that did me no good when it came to my health. For a couple of weeks I was a mess. I have weighed in @ 150 to 153 the past 4 days and if I am smart I will hold this weight until race day. Then it's doughnut time!
My swim is coming back around and I actually had a solid brick off the bike Sunday afternoon.
I just realized that the race I am doing is a 3 loop run course. I don't recall ever doing a 3 loop run course for a race. Kinda kills the element of surprise. Oh can I do? Not much.

Tomorrow is a 30 mile ride followed by a 7 mile run. All this is happening after work. Gonna be wicked dark by the time I'm done.

I'm hooked on these things:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tough end of the work week but there was some sun.

My day job has been killing me lately. Numerous odd requests from people and I don't have a whole lot of back up to help me out most of the time. This frustrates the shit out of me. So yes....more stress than I care to have.

After work today was a 14 mile run. Yes, that's 14 miles on a Friday afternoon. My schedule this weekend is abnormal so I have to make do with what time I have. A challenge this evening was the start of ACL. The trail I love running runs right by the festival...I mean about 10 feet from the fence. I thought this would suck trying to navigate 25,000 plus party go'ers. Not so. The trail was pretty much dead and the music was kinda nice to run to. Reggae was playing and it had a nice beat to keep my stride rate to. The tough part was the smell of bbq chicken and the damn scalpers trying to get rid of tickets.
"I have tickets...hey man you need some tickets?"
"Dude....I'm running my ass of without a shirt and kicking some ass right now...does it look like I want you to bother me and that I need a f'ing ticket?"

I understand free enterprise but some people are just fucking stupid!

Up early tomorrow to announce a race that I am a little worried about. It's their first try at race production and the guy seems a little over his head. Tomorrow could be a long long day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

When you off your OFF.

My head has been in cloud/fog for a while now and my doc thinks it's allergies and stress. Whatever it is, it's pissing me off. Yes it's allergy season and yes I am stressed out beyond normal but this shit has got to go. I havn't made a morning workout all week and my ride tonight was totally half assed. I would like to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnerl but I think I forgot to pay that power bill because there is no light in site. could be a lot worse and I try and keep reminding myself that so I can sleep. Just a little too much going on right now I guess.

Thought for the day-
I haven't had red meat in over a month. Could this be the cause of all my problems? Or could I suffer the same diease as Denny Crane.....made cow? Surely I can't be KooKoo for Cocao Puffs yet.

Food for thought.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No sleep Tues.

I am on steroids for a week to try and clear up my head from allergies. One side effect of this stuff is lack of sleep. Last night was my fisrt night trying to get some sleep after taking the stuff. I tossed and turned all damn night. Needless to say I slept in this morning. Sorry Pain!

Did a run workout after work. No coaching for me anymore but still somehow managed to give 3 people a workout to do who showed up late to the T3 run.
Part of my workout was a 20 tempo run. Held 7:09's. Nice and smooth baby!!

News and Notes:
I have many gripes with people but one gripe that I almost forgot but was reminded of during my run is how much people who travel overseas have to let everyone know when they get back that they are on such and such a time. I heard this lady say to her neighbor after getting back from somewhere, "It's like 2:00 a.m. to us right now."
No's freaking whatever time it actually is right now. I don't give a shit about how you have to tell everyone you see that you're exhausted from traveling and that you're not adjusted to the time. Now...if you've been over seas for over 3 weeks then I will give you a little to work with but anything less keep your time zone "I want everyone to think I'm important" ass shut.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tues and cooler weather

I ran after work today and man did it feel good. The weather was wicked sweet and my legs were rested after taking Monday off.
I tore it up this weekend. 80 miles on the bike @ 20.7 mph followed by a 45 min run @ a 7:50 pace.
Sunday was a 14 mile run. I did the same 7 mile route but just reversed it on the second loop. Averaged 7:49's on the first 7 and 7:10's on the second. Man these cooler temps are helping me sooo much.

Racing another month in Conroe, TX.
It's another 1/2 IM and I hoping to PR this time. If the weather is anything like it has been I should have a good shot @ going under 5 hours.

Don't forget to check out my cousins blog.
He got a day pass this past weekend and was able to watch his sons football game. Go SCOTS!!!!!.....whatever happened to Groveville 1 and Groveville 2? I haven't thought of the Scots in about 30 years. Wow!