Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a day.

Wow...I am freaking tired. One hell of a day that saw a lot get done.
Woke up when I felt like it this morning. I love it being cold outside. I can be a candyass and ride inside my place. My computrainer is set up about 4 feet from my bed. So when I rolled out of bed this morning 20 minutes later I was on my bike. 2.5 hours on the CMPT today. It was fun out of the gate but with 45 minutes left I wanted off. Just don't have the endurance yet. I'll get there.
After the ride I changed quickly and headed out for a 6 mile run. I found out during this run that I live almost exactly 3 miles from J&A's. Not only the best bike shop on the earth but the best turn around point ever. Felt great during the run today. Please let race day be like this......yeah right!
After the run it was a quick shower and then lunch because I had a meeting at 3 that I arrived early for so I could get some work done.
I spent 3+ hours at Lift Coffee shop today with Cassidy. We worked on getting my website up and running. We ran into a couple of speed bumps but I had a blast hanging with her and we never lost patience with each other. Now that alone was awesome. At one point while we're there I look around the room. I knew all but 3 people. Everyone else was a cyclist or a triathlete. Guess Lift is a hot spot for badasses. Hell...Brandon and Amy Marsh showed up straight from a ride and that just raised my level of badassness to another level.
So after a long time dealing with GoDaddy and me telling everyone that I have an "in" with Danica Patrick we finally called it a day. I took Cassidy out for dinner and we kept talking business. This is exciting shit people and you better get yer ass excited about this stuff!!!!! Love me some shop talking with Cass.
Once home I jump back on my laptop to price out travel expenses for Knoxville. After some much needed research I think we might be having our own 1/2 IM in Austin that weekend. Just too much $$$$$$ for a race that doesn't need to be done by me at this time. But like a good sport I told my co pilot for this adventure that it was her call if we go. Totally passed the buck on this one.

Tomorrow is another long day with 2 meetings, a long run, lease renewal and a stop at the grocery. I need sleep!

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