Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain is a pain

But I am not complaining. I got to ride the computrainer this morning for 2 hours. If I were on a regular trainer I would have come close to loosing my mind. With the CPT I got to stay occupied buy all the information it was kicking out. My speed, avg speed, heart rate, avg hr, watts, rpms and a bunch of other stuff. Plus Zane created a workout for me to do for today while riding. If I had to do the workout on the road it would have been tough but on the CPT I could pretty much do what I wanted as far as terrain and weather. Part of the workout was a 20 minute time trial. Wow....the last 3 minutes were intense. I almost fell off the damn bike. I was going pretty hard.
After the ride was a 15 minute run in the cold rain. It was nice to get outside and get some fresh air.

After working out this morning I went and had tea with Haggs. Man I really enjoy yapping with her. We spent almost 2 hours at Life Cafe talking and gossiping.

Tomorrow is an easy effort run. Zane is telling me to take it easy tomorrow on the run because he is preparing a killer week of running for me next week. Oh.......such good times!

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