Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let it rain.

More rain today but no riding so therefor no retard.
Hit the pool at lunch today. Just me and Capt Doctor in the lane. My timing was a little off today so it was wee bit ugly. I just have to stay consistent with the swimming.
After work I hauled ass down to O'Henry so I could run before I coached. My workout was a recovery run where I should have stayed in zone 1 most of the run. When I got home and checked the garmin it said I was in zone 3 for most of the run. I couldn't have gone any slower and this is driving me nuts!!! I am seriously trying very hard to get my HR down but it doesn't go much below 130 while running. What's odd is that if you out me on a bike trainer I struggle to get to 130 and above. I just don't understand this. Very frustrating.

1 hour swim for 3050m
5.05 mi in 50 minutes.....that's a 9:51 per mile pace. Arrrgggggggg this sucks!!!!!!!

The 3 R's of training


Yesterday before I left the house I checked the weather and it said that there would be a t-storm rolling through around 11:00 a.m. and decent the rest of the day. That was perfect for me. So I rode to work thinking I'd miss the rain. The weather people weren't even freaking close to getting it right!!! The rain was coming down when I left work and only got worse the further I got into the ride. Co-workers were pulling over on 360 asking me if I wanted a ride. Like a knucklehead I didn't take them up on the ride when I should have. Heading up the hill to Davenport Village there was lightening and thunder all around. I was quite concerned that making to the top of the hill was not going to happen. I could just feel people looking at me and saying to themselves, "what an idiot!!" I was and I totally admit it.
I made it the PTC in one piece just in time for the rain to slow down and for the sun to start to peek out. Once off the bike I grabbed a rag, dried off the KHS and grabbed my running gear. Off I went into the light rain for a 1 hour easy run. The roads were dead and the trail was even more so. I loved it. I just concentrated on the workout at hand and enjoyed the slight rain we were getting. When I finished it was sunshine and rainbows.
Started the workout like an shithead but ended like a rockstar. Would I do it again.....probably.

Thanks to Jimmy O for offering me a ride about 2 miles from the PTC. You're a giver Opre!

Bike total: 35 miles
Run total: 1 hour

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rollercoaster of the King!

Life is freaking crazy. The older I get the faster it moves and the more it pisses me off and the more I can't do anything about it. People say that sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. Well, everytime I smell the roses and try to relax I remember there's another 20 things I could be doing with my time and off I go. Ugh! Oh well.
Here's what's going on in my life right about now. Some good stuff here.
- One of the big things is that I am finally going to start my own announcing business. Pain is helping draw up a business plan since I have no clue to what I am getting myself into. I look forward to announcing more and getting my name out there. btw---- Anyone have a good name for my business? I was thinking of a conservative name and a real Logan name. Here are my 2 so far - ATX Announcing or Logan's BIG DEAL Announcing. Any suggestions would be nice.

- I have cancelled all of my trips this summer to concentrate on paying my bills. I just couldn't get past the fact that I still owe some money and going on 3 trips this summer just wouldn't be right. Thanks to everyone for understanding.

- I have taken a large step back from T3. Not because I don't want to be part of the family but I just believe my idea of business management and others ideas of it are different. Plus...sometimes people aren't what they appear to be. I am still coaching 2 days a week but that's about it.

- I bit the bullet and signed up for one last Ironman. June 2011 I'll be back in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho for the 2011 Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene. I say one last because I really don't want to have to do another one after this so I am hoping that I can hit my goal time and then retire for the distance. I really like the 70.3 distance so I'll go back down to that after IMCDA.

- I have a new coach as well. Pain is still my life coach cause lord knows I can't function without that woman but I have a different tri coach. His name is Zane Castro and he's the same Zane from J&A's fame. We've been working together for 3 months now and I am seeing a totally different approach to training. I will not lie... some days I think it totally sucks...this control your heart rate stuff blows. But I am enjoying the structure and the individual attention. looks like I'll be updating more often now that I have a IM on the horizon. I won't actually start "training" for it until January but I have discussed with Zane the importance of being ready for IMCDA so starting a year out with that race as my main goal will absolutely help me out.

First workout-
25 minutes of core..... and I'm gonna be soooo sore tomorrow.
I rode the bike to work. 17 miles.
I am about to ride home from work in the rain and then go for a 60 min zone 2. Zone 2 is for sucks!

Thanks and take care-

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No subsitutes

Last night I was speaking with someone @ the Splash-n-Dash about the Wed. night workout I coach for T3. This person told me that they like the workout because I make them laugh and I keep it interesting. In the same breath they said that others have gone elsewhere for training because they don't get what they want out of the workouts I coach. I have absolutely no issue with this as everyone is different.
You get out of a workout what you put into it. I see a lot of people who come and train and expect things to just come to them. That is sooo wrong!!!! You have to work your ass off to get what you want out of a workout. I don't care if you train with me, Gilbert, Jamie/Fish, Carmen or have to put the work in. So many people now-a-days expect things to just be given to them. That's not the way it works. Sorry to burst anybody's bubble but if you want to get faster on the run you have to seriously put the time and work into the workouts and not go about them half ass'd.
Going to train with others isn't always the answer to getting faster. Sometimes that answer is looking back at you in the mirror.