Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trifecta Wed.

Swim this morning with Pain. 3 things that drive me nuts about this mornings swim
1- Show up on time not 1/2 way through the workout.
2- learn to tell time and not leave 5 secs before you should. Some of us need that 5 secs.
3- The fact that I am the slowest in the lane. Sucks.
At lunch today I hit the Performance Wellness to have my heel worked on. Freaking hurt but we're getting there.
After work was a 1 hour ride on the computrainer. Good lord I am loving that thing. It's totally saving my ass since I can't ride outside after work. Just too dark right now.

I love cranberry sauce out of the can. Not the whole cranberry stuff. I'm talking the processed jellied shit. I could eat that everyday and it would never get old. Best .88 cents I ever spent.

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Nancy said...

I love that cranberry sauce too. But only Ocean Spray brand.