Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend Wilke.

Here's the link to the route I ran today.

I did the red part on the elevation chart 10 times. I made it up each time in about 1:50 and I did the up and down on a 4:00 interval. Last time I did these repeats I was on a 4:40 but I was fine with the 4:00.

Not feeling great today but made it through.

Here'a pic of me from 2 weeks ago at the Lonestar Tri. was windy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mid week report.

Hey folks…..

I usually don’t update this thing during my workday but I have a little down time so here it is.

Monday: I actually finished a swim workout this morning. I was at the pool @ 5:30 a.m. Yup… that’s early. I jumped in a T2 lane with Dionn on Jeremiah. I like swimming with Dionn so I figured this would be a good workout for me. Well, it was. The workout was a total of 3300 yards and I did 3000. I took 2 breaks on the 100’s we did and then I got lapped on the pulling set because I am not suing paddles. My shoulder wouldn’t last 3 strokes with the paddles. I was pleased with how I did and surprised myself.
Tues: Morning spin with Pain. Always a joy to see Pain at 6:00 a.m. After work I made my way back to the PTC and went for a run. I ran 7.6 miles at about an 8:30 pace. Not very fast and I never really felt comfortable. My knees we bothering me so going under 8’s would have been painful. I’m doing Wilke repeats on Thursday so we’ll see how the knees feel after that. J
Wed.: Opened up the day with an hour of core with Pain. This was my first full core workout in a while. I really enjoyed it and my abs will be killing me tomorrow. Haggs had me in stitches this morning. Made for a great workout. Going to try and swim a bit at lunch. My arms are killing me so this could be a bit ugly.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another weekend in the books

So I over slept on Sat. and missed my swim. That sucks. But I did the ride and I had a pretty good time. I made out with 80 miles averaging 18.1 mph. I never really had anyone to ride with, which is what I wanted. I stayed away from drafting and it seemed to work out well. I felt good coming off the bike and felt as though another 32 miles would have been doable.
Sunday I ran 16 miles. I never felt 100% on the run but did what I could. There was some rain involved but I love running in the rain so that was all good. I finished in 2:07 which was about 7:55 per mile. My knees were bothering the hell out of me. Just getting old. Can't wait for 1/2 IM season to start for me. Less pounding.
Tomorrow starts a new week so we'll see how that works out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I had the bomb dropped on me baby.

This morning was the bomb run. It ended up being me, Paul, Des, Gate and 2 other guys. Thank god Des, Paul and Gate did the 10 mile loop and I did the 7. I would have been totally trashed. I didn't feel good to begin with so that didn't help the run plus my damn watch didn't work. Yes, it was operator error but it still pissed me off. I'll go back in 2 weeks and give it another go.
Just to give you an idea of the caliber of runner I was dealing with this morning, check out Des's website. Yes she is cute and one of the sweetest people I know but the girl can flat out run.
Tomorrow I plan on swimming a mile in the springs. We'll see how I do with a wetsuit on with my shoulder. After that I'll head to the bank on 360 for 75 miles with the team. This will be my first ride back with them and I am just a bit concerned about riding with others. There are some of them that just worry me. I think I'll start off a bit early and maybe work my way in.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok ma.... here's an update. :)

Hey folks..... 2 words..... Holy shit!
The past week has had it's ups and downs. More ups than downs.
2 friends past away this past week because of heart attacks. Both good guys. Make sure you people are seeing your doctors about your heart health.
I had to drive home from Galveston hung over as all hell.
I didn't train at all over this past weekend.
I had a freaking awesome time at the Lonestar Tri weekend in Galveston. Holy shit that was a good time.
Last Friday I did 40 miles on the bike and then a 7 mile run. I felt pretty good.
I met some rockin' cool people this weekend and miss them already.
I just did a spin this morning and then again this evening with a 30 minute core class mixed in.
10.5 weeks until CDA and I am not even close to being ready. How is that an "up"? The hell if I know.
I finally broke down and bought an ipod. That was soon followed by a new Blackberry.
I'm going back to the Bomb run tomorrow. The Bomb run is the best of the best runners in Austin. They go out as group for a run every Friday morning @ 6. I am honored to be asked to be part of this group and I think I haven't be dead last twice. Both times it was because someone got hurt on the run.
My new bike is getting closer and closer to being ready. I get to check on it tomorrow.

Overall I have been in a shitty mood lately except for Lonestar. Did I mention that it totally kicked ass? I have so much on my plate right now it would kill the average person. I am back to swimming and my shoulder is holding up. I have to breathe to the opposite side that I am used to so that sucks but at least I can swim. I hit the springs Sat morning before the ride so we'll see how that goes.

It was my aunts birthday on Tues. Happy B-day Jo. I hope we see each other soon.