Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yoga with a cold = no fun.

Participated in yoga today at lunch and I sucked. I was just freaking tired because of this cold. Oh and that my quads are tight as a drum didn't help.

75 min trainer ride after work. Watch a couple of episodes of the Shield. I like that show.

I hope the warn weather holds for a couple of more days. 70 degrees here in the ATX.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sick and now educated

I"m still under the weather. Ugh......oh well...not much I can do about it now.
Mental toughness day. I so wanted to go home after work but went through with my workout and am happy I did.
20 min w/u
3000 m time trial
cool down.
Felt like crap but got it done.

After that I rushed home because I had a visitor coming over. My coach Zane swung by to help me with my computrainer and how I should operate it. He also looked at my bike fit and decided I needed a shorter neck. While checking my fit he put the hammer down on me and told me I'd continue having back issues on the bike unless I start working on my hamstring and quad flexibility. He showed me some strap exercises to do and told me when to do them. It was good to hear that and I fully intend on getting them done.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying to get back on track

I am slowly starting to get motivation back to hit the pain train again. I am sick right now with a cold but nothing major.
Ran this evening with blonde O'Connor. Great run and she showed me a new place that has a bathroom that I did not know about. That's a big score!!!!
7 miles in the book for today plus 1 hour of yoga at lunch.

Zane is coming over tomorrow night to refit me on my bike to accomidate areo position with hills involved. Hopefully my back with appreciate it. He is also going to give me a crash course in Computrainer knowledge. Hopefully that thing will help me become a monster on the bike.

Saw the Fighter last week. Great flick.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 weeks away

2 weeks until the new year and refocus time.

Random thoughts:
- Gotta start swimming consistantly
- Got a new laptop. suck.
- I have mised yoga for 3 weeks and my body knows this.
- REV 3 Knoxville is May 15th.
- The Pats clobbered the Bears. Hey Grant......hahahahahahaha!!!!!
- Riding bikes is fun....when it's warm outside.
- If traffic is really backed up and you are next to a bar just give up and go get a beer.

Ran with Mary this evening. She makes me laugh. Thanks for the cookies.