Sunday, January 9, 2011


When I run the trail here in Austin I always think in sections. That's how I get through my runs. The section behind the Statesman, the section between the dip and the rowing center, the section from 35 to the entrance back onto the trail and etc. There are so many sections going on in my head when I run i couldn't even think about listing all of them. Again....sections keep me going when I'm struggling.

Yesterday was a good day of training. I hit the roads for 2.25 hrs of cycling down in Circle C. Plenty of shoulder to ride on and nothing too boring. I averaged 17.5 and I took it at a moderate pace so that was nice. After the ride I laid low for a few hours before I jumped onto the trail for a run workout. 20 min warm up, 25 min time trial and 15 min cool down. Good times.....I like this workout.

Today was another character builder. It's more for mental toughness than anything else. 1 hour 40 mins at 8:50 pace and then the last 20 mins a 7:40 pace. Nailed it! the big thing about this workout is that I can't eat anything while I do it. I have to go on what I had for breakfast. All i can have it water and salt. Towards the end my hips were cramping a little but not bad enough to get me to slow down.
Happy with the outcome.

Went to the movies last night with Nat, Boozy and Beth. Saw True Grit. Great movie and acting. The movie had more of an old English flick with long winded answers and New England wit. I still enjoyed it.

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Nancy said...

Now you need to see the original True Grit with John Wayne. We saw True Grit over the Holidays and then watched the John Wayne version over the weekend. I prefer the new version.