Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Words of thanks

Today was my last day coaching for T3 and what a send off it was. Besides a rip roaring workout I had them do I also experienced my first Gatorade bath (only it was water in the cooler), a Texas sized choc chip cookie cake from Yvonne Ruebel (Milton took care of most of it), some very nice parting gifts and one last hoorah @ Mangia Pizza.
Thanks to everyone that came out to the track this evening for my last workout. Even if you didn't participate it was still nice to have you there. Thanks for the cash, gift cards, Whoopie Pies and many many words of thanks.
Erin cried, Dustin drank and Booher showed up. That's one hell of a good time.

Tomorrow is back to heavy training. I have taken a couple of easier days because I haven't been feeling so hot. We'll see how tomorrow @ 5:00 a.m. feels.

Thanks again everyone.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's not about me.

It's about the people that I care about. It's about the people that inspire me. It's about the people that I respect.

This is how I feel about my cousin Chad. I have known him my entire life. We grew up next door to each other in Groveville until I was 8 and my family moved 20 minutes away. I have always thought of Chad as my closest cousin because we are close in age and I remember many good times we had as kids. I was never so honored as when he asked me to be in his wedding. I was so proud of him for marrying Crystal and having me being part of the big day.
Well now it's a different kind of caring, inspiration and respect that I have for him. You see....Chad was diagnosed with leukemia in mid August. This totally caught me off guard. How could someone doing so well in life have this happen to them. I know it's not about who you are but man....I just wish it wasn't him.
He is keeping a blog of his travels through this part of his life and I suggest it for your daily reading. It will open your eyes up...seriously. Here's a link to it:
The kid is going through a tough time in life and he still has the guts to post how he is making it through. I am simply amazed by this. I would have crawled into a hole but not Chad. Please feel free to post a comment on his blog offering support and kind words. Anyone in his shoes needs and deserves it.

One last thing:
My life is full of people who train for running races and tri's all the time. Myself included. We bitch about bad days running, days of being sore, to tired and days of bitching because we didn't get our mileage in. Think about this for a sec.....our lives could be in a tougher spot than that crap.
I sent Chad an email the other day asking him if he didn't mind me posting a link to his blog. I love that his pic is in a J&A's jersey and that he has been bitten by the tri bug. But one thing will never escape my mind......the kid from Groveville, Maine that I still look up to had this to say at the end of that email

"For now, this is my Ironman."'re tougher than any Ironman I know.
Love ya cuz.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tough run day

I had a horrible run this morning. Enough said.

I bought 2 books yesterday. I figured I'd get back into normal reading. Not tri books or all the damn time.
I guess my taste in literature is a little off. I bought the obligatory John Grishom book and a biography on Hitler. Yeah...that's a little odd.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Long ride Sat.

Up at 'em this morning for a ride with the T3 crew. 78+ miles @ 20.7 mph. I honestly felt that i was going faster than that. We had a good core group this morning once we broke away fromt he rest of the team. Hammer, Capt. Jim, New Chelsea, Uncle Milty, Jantzen and New Kid Cole. I pulled a lot on the way out and did some drafting on the way back because my workout within the workout was over and I just to hold 18.5ish on the way back. Nailed my nutrition and hydration which was nice. Used a new formula which I will share because I will forget by tomorrow.
2 bots each with
4 scoops Carbo Pro
4 Salt Stick salt tabs
1 Citrus Nuun
Orhange Gatorade and water to top it off.
At the stop at the store I had about 6 oz of Coke and filled up my water bottle with a new cold Gatorade.

Overall it was a good ride. Now we'll see what the coach says.

Also did a 30 minute run off the bike. It was 95 degrees by then so that sucked.

Brought the boys at J&A's a cooler full of beers today before they closed. Some people bring food....I bring what works. I know Geoff and Brian will take care of the inventory. Just hope I get my cooler back.

Oh and also...... my green thumb got some work today.

Friday, September 24, 2010

And now for something completly different

Instead of going to happy hour today I rode my road bike for 70 minutes after work. Nothing terribly hard since I have a heavy day tomorrow but just enough to get the blood flowing.
This morning was a swim with Pain. She actually said I am getting better and things are improving. It's funny how if you actually spend time in the pool how things improve.

Bike: 70 minutes
Swim: 3250 meters

Long tough day tomorrow. 3.5 hour ride at a pace a little faster than I am used to. Riding with the t3 folks so hopefully I don't end up on my ass. Matty Rubes said he would be there so that's nice. Neila has 105 miles to do tomorrow. Man I hope she pulls it off.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work in progress

I hit the trainer this morning before work for 75 minutes. Much like the workout from Tues. After work I mad my way down to South Mopac. It was a negative split workout so coming back had to be faster than going out. Not easy when you're going out @ 22 mph. I pulled it off. I am hoping this will help me produce the power and speed I need for my next race. Looking to average over 22 mph on the bike.

Beautiful afternoon for a ride. 90 degrees and the sunset was nice. Low breeze made the wind tolerable. Once I stopped the mosquitos came out and they went ape shit over me and Fish. Make sure to add bug spray to the grocery list this week. Btw....with all the food I eat I go to the grocery probably 5 times a week. I went after my workout this evening because I heard Gatorade was on sale. Is it wrong to go to the grocery and just buy 22 32oz. Gatorades? Hell....they were only .94 cents.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Days 2 of my comeback to technology

This morning was a swim with Pain. Good lord...she brings out the best in me. Actually pulled a 4:30 300 out this morning. Haven't done that in a while. This training thing might actually work.
Total swim was about 3400 meters. The main set was 9 x 300m. They were all different but they did kick my ass. It's one ass kickin' that I do not mind.

After work was a run. Had a 20 minute tempo run in the middle of it. Held 7:15's and felt decent. Came up a little short of the hour I was suppose to get in but one more week and I am done coaching so I'll have more time on Monday's and Wednesday's.

Thought for the day....people need to shut the hell up, remove their heads from their ass and pay the f attention while they drive. Seriously should be embarrassed. None of us are that important to where we just stop giving a shit about others while driving. Good lord.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's try this again

My next race is on 11/7 in Conroe, TX. Ironstar 1/2 IM. I do it for 3 reasons. Cheap race, I like the course and I have a free place to stay while I am there. Looking forward to it.
Down to the digits.

Track workout this morning.
3 x 1 mi
2 x 1200
4 x 200

Lunch was 1 hour of yoga....I do not like the peacock pose.

Trainer ride after work for 90 minutes. My head is a pretzel lately so it was nice to just let is go for a bit. Didn't have to think too much since I didn't have to actually drive, just produce the "POWA"....power for those non Northeasterner's.