Monday, October 26, 2009

Long but short weekend.

Let's start with Thurs since it started this whole damn thing.
Thurs after work I went to go run with the Ship. I was all ready to toll but was lacking in the motivation department. Once we did drills and a warm up we headed over to do the workout. I made it about 200 meters into it and stopped because of GI issues. GI means I had to take a shit real bad. Before leaving a bunch of people were talking about a marathon up in Cedar Park that they were going to. It was called the Frankenthon named after good friend and race director Frank Livaudias....pronounce Liv-a-day. I called Frank when i got home and asked if he had any spots left for the race and he indeed did. So at that moment I decided to finally do just a marathon.
I have never felt the need to do one before because most marathons are high maintenance, too many people and just a major pain in the ass. I checked the participant list for the race and I knew about 1/2 of the people racing so I figured if I was going to do this thing I would do it with people I knew. Plus, Nancy Dasso was doing it and I love running with Nancy.
Sat. morning rolls around and I find myself in Cedar Park, TX. It's about 30 a minutes drive north from where I live. I got there, picked up my packet and sat in the X for 30 minutes because it was damn cold out. About 10 minutes before the race i made my way to the bathroom and then to the starting line. I figured I'd run with Nancy and that she would take it easy for the first mile so I didn't do any sort of warm up.
The gun goes off and I am right next to Nancy and she is running a sub 8 minute mile. Not to bad but a little quick. I hang in there hoping my legs warm up quick and they did. After mile 1 there was a group of about 8 of us with Nancy leading the charge. I told myself that I would run with Nancy as long as I could and then hold on just to finish. Nancy has run a million marathons and so i knew if I stuck with her she would get me through this thing. Plus, she's hot and considers herself a cougar so that made it really easy to stick with her.
The course was a 3 loop deal. I figured when I finished the 2nd loop if I didn't feel well I would just stop and call it a day. I should have know that Nancy would have nothing to do with that. The first loop we came through in 1 hour 10 minutes @ an 8:04 per mile pace. I saw the clock and figured if we could keep this up we would finish in 3:30 which would work for me. We started picking it up on the second loop and i was feeling really really good. 2nd loop time was 1:07 @ 7:41 pace. At about mile 19 Nancy stopped for a bathroom break and she told me to keep going. I did what I was told but the legs just didn't have the pep in them as they did when Nancy was running with me. She caught back up @ mi 21 and we kept running together @ until mile 24. At mi 24 Logan realized that his body can hold a sub 8 minute per mile pace for 24 miles. After that the wheels come off. We rounded a corner and I just couldn't get the legs to fire fast anymore. Nancy just kept pulling away. I ran out of gas. I kept going but now I was in survival mode and just wanted to keep running and finish the damn thing.
I came across the line 2 minutes behind Nancy in 3:31. Once I was done my calves cramped up like crazy and I could barley walk. My friends Charles and Mary had me sit down and they rubbed my calves for me while I downed everything I could that would help. Endurolytes, Coke, Gatorade and chocolate frosted doughnuts. Yes.... chocolate frosted doughnuts pretty much help with everything. After about 5 minutes of rubbing PW Michelle was there and she got me on her table for a quick post race massage for my legs. I say quick because this is only 1/2 he story. I had to be to work by 12:00 noon Sat.
After the race I jumped in the X and drove to Decker Lake to announce the bike check in for the Longhorn Ironman 70.3 race that was happening the next day. I got there on time and started talking the second I was handed a mic. I wasn't even out of my running clothes yet.
To make a long story short I announced for about 5 hours and then went home to take a much needed shower. I was FUNKY!!!!
The next morning I was right back at the race site to announce the LH 70.3 with Adam. Another long day but it was well worth it. I love announcing and being part of the event. One of the best parts was being at the awards ceremony. After all the awards were handed out they are followed by the qualifying slots for the 70.3 world championships in Florida. My buddy Mike was there hoping to make the cut for one of the slots. The top 3 guys in his age group get a slot. If they are not there or do not want it then it rolls down to the next guy in line by time. Only 2 slots were handed out to the top 10 guys in that AG. Adam then announces that anyone in that AG that wants the last one just needs to step up. About 10 guys come running. Adam looks at me and asks me if I can sort this thing out. Being Mr. Fix Shit. I pull all the guys off to the side and tell them that the guy with the fastest time among them is going to Florida. I already knew Mike's time so as these guys are arguing who is faster I gain their attention and ask if any of them can beat 5 hours and 9 seconds. They all stop talking because they all knew they didn't beat that time. I look at Mike and tell him congrats and that he is headed to Florida. The rest of the guys really were cool after that and they all wished him well. That was cool to see.
Long day. Long weekend. But a great result.

Congrats Mike.

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Maggie said...

impressive spur of the moment marathon time.

Thanks cheering us on at LH 70.3!!