Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here we go again.

Just back from vacation back home and I feel like shit. Of course I ate way too much and slept way too much and drank way too much..... now I pay the price. But one thing that I like about life is that we all need to start over again every once and a while. It allows me to refocus on my goals and give me some motivation.
I have less that 2 months to prepare for Bandera and I feels as though I can. It will take a lot of focus and discipline but i feel confident that I can pull it off. So it's back on the wagon for me, back to watching what I eat and a bunch of 2 a days.
I am racing this weekend @ the Dirty Du 1/2 marathon. I'll probably fall apart but it will give me an idea of how trouble I'm in for the rest of training.
Lately I have been wanting to get back on the bike outside. I'm kinda itching to start tri training again but one thing at a time.


Jess said...

nice to have you back

etg said...

Yes, with the exception of you slamming doors in my face, it's nice to have you back.