Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sat. morning run-

I awoke this morning @ 5:00 a.m. to make sure I had enough time to set out water before I met up with Seba for a run this morning. I had to put out water because we were suppose to do an out and back from BS to the HOL and back. I drove to the HOL, dropped off the water and then we met up.

Seba is short for Sebastian or Capt Fucktard..... whichever you find more appropriate. He is one of my dearest friends and he is also out of his freaking mind. Even with his wife Molly calling the shots he's still a trip to be around. I've done a bunch of races with the guy and he is a better runner than I am so it was good for me today to chase someone around. He'll be doing the Bandera 50k as well.

So we took off a little after 6 from BS and it was a good day to be on the trail. The entrance was locked so we jumped the gate. With it being locked that meant not a lot of people would be out there. Now normally when I have crossed the creek (you have to a few times to get to the HOL) it's been bone dry. Well, it's been raining here and the creek was flooded and had a nice swift current to it this morning. The first time we crossed it wasn't to bad since it was dark and we couldn't see shit even with our headlamps. By the 3rd time came around we were up to our waists in moving water and the rocks were very slippery. Needless to say I fell in and got totally soaked. I'm not complaining but did I mention it was 55 degrees this morning? It hasn't been this cold since March. I was wet and cold. I was more concerned about snakes than anything else so that kept me moving once out of the water. But before we crossed we got seriously lost. We ended up behind Toys R Us. Neither of us had any idea how we go there but it was no big deal since there was a trail head about 1/4 mi away and it had a bathroom so we considered it a bonus.
Once we cleared the creek. We headed for the HOL. I'm not sure if Seba was trying or not but I did kinda beat his ass up the hill......just sayin'. Once at the top we grabbed some water and downed a Carboom or 2 and off we went back down the hill and back onto the GB. Crossing back over was a trip. We found a spot where the water wasn't too deep and were the current wasn't too bad. The problems were that the rocks were slippery and Seba found himself eye to eye with a damn snake. He took in good stride and told me not to go over there. Over there was about 4 feet from me and 4 feet is well within my screaming like a little girl zone when it comes to snakes. So I said F this shit and I just ran across the creek as fast as I could and I didn't care how slippery the rocks were or how fast the current was. I was getting the hell out of there.
Once back on the trail we picked up the pace and finished of with about 15 miles in just under 3 hours. It doesn't sound very fast but with the creek crossings, getting lost and breaks so numbnuts could tie his damn shoe (seriously like 10 times) it wasn't to shabby.

Now I am home and sitting on my bed with my compression socks on and I am about 5 minutes away from an hour nap. I'm already doozing off.

Plug of the day:
Angie over at J&A's is the shit. She totally hooked me up with some great advice. I have been using Gu brand gels for a couple of years now and they have always made me feel a little ill. I think it's because of the caffine. I'm not much of a caffine guy. I spoke with her about it and she reccomended Carb BOOM energy gels. Well let me tell you they totally kick ass. I have been using them for about a month now on all my long runs and they are totally doing the trick. I feel great and there are none of the highs and lows that I was feeling because of the caffine. They are caffine free btw. Yesterday I picked up a box of Raspberry and a box of Grapefriut Cranberry. Totally awesome!
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