Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just another day.

After work today I drove over to J&A's. They aren't open on Tues. so there was plenty of parking. I pulled in and Freer was just starting his run. He tells me that it's too humid to run today but that he was going anyway. After he said that I knew I was running no matter how hot or humid it was. There was no way that he was going to run and I wasn't. At 5:30 it was 91 degrees and about 90 to 95% humidity.
I loaded up on endurolytes and off I went. My plan today was to run the 7 mi loop from the shop and then finish off with a 3 mile loop at a faster pace. After 2 days off from any training I was itching to get a solid run in. I started out a little faster than I usually do but I kept it under control @ about an 8:20 pace. The hill on Riverside did me some damage and my pace went up to 8:33 but the long bridge over 35 got me back down to 8:27. Once back on the trail I kept a steady pace and brought my time down to 8:22. A quick stop @ the rock for some water and off I went but GI issues were lurking. At about Lou Neff point I decided that just the 7 mi loop was all my body was going to allow today. I stayed steady and finished with 7.33 mi @ 8:22 per mi.
I have not done speed work in a while because I think that if I am trail running speed really isn't as much of a factor as power and control. I emailed Mer about this today and hopefully she will have an answer for me. Any speed work @ all?
Doing some thinking today about what time I would like to finish in @ Bandera. Never having run this far before and with it being a trail race it's hard to say. I would like to finish in under 5 hours. That's a 9:41 per mi pace. I'm not sure it's doable for me. To compare, Terranova did this race in 2007 and he ran a 4:11. That's an 8:06 mi. I'm not sure how this will all work out but I have plenty of time to figure it out.

I don't mind being wrong sometimes. It proves humility and keeps us all in check. I've known people who can't say they are wrong about anything and they drive me freaking nuts. I used to date a girl like that. What a fucking pain in the ass she was.
So today I'm on my way home from my run and I stop in at 7/11 to feed my need for quick riches. My weekly $2 dollar lottery ticket. As I am leaving the store I see this old man and this young punk kid jarring at each other. I think to myself if the kid raises his voice I'll say something because the old guy was OLD. So the kid stops and starts to walk towards the store and he catches my eye and I'm staring him down a bit. He says to me "Dude! The fucking old guy's wife is smoking a cigarette while he's pumping gas!" I was floored! The old man and his wife are idiots!!!! I figured the kid was being a d-bag but I was wrong. I have no problem admitting that.


etg said...

Awesome...all of it. I've been wrong PLENTY of times before but I'm not wrong about my take on your blog today. (And you totally deserve the R&R you have coming to you!!! I'm happy for you.)

Maggie said...

it was freaking humid!! when I got done, I was drenched! dripping! but it turned out to be a great run. good to see you on the trail.
....and good story about the kid.