Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Busy busy busy

Sorry for the delay in post. I have been crazy busy the past 4 days.
Let's get to it.

Sat: 3 hour run on the GB. Syd and I started @ 6 a.m.. We had our moments this morning as we both almost fell. I swallowed a moth and then I puked it up. That was the first time I ever puked during a workout. We actually made it to the HOL but Syd was not feeling well so we didn't climb it. On the way back I'm telling her about my Hood to Coast trip and telling her about how Sebastain has a screw loose when who appears out of the freaking woods? Sebastain!!!! Talk about strange. He was doing his weekly long run on the GB as well. After the run I cleaned 4 bikes and then proceed to spend 4 hours working on a presentation for the t3 coaches meeting.
Sunday I announced the Donkey Dash 5k in the morning, cleaned one more bike and then it was time for the coaches meeting. The meeting was almost 3 hours long so I didn't have time for a run. But it was very productive so I didn't mind.
Monday I didn't train at all. Still no time as I was working on getting caught up from the weekend.
Tuesday, today I plan on running after work. Still haven't decided on running 7 or 10 miles. Working on that.

I fly home in 1 month and I am looking forward to a little r&r.

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