Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Good morning sunshine.

5:00 a.m. is early no matter how you look at it. That alarm hits and WHAM!!!!!! time to slowly start the day. I needed to get a run in before spin this morning. See.... I'm not one for cutting shit short as it drives me crazy. So I dragged my ass to the PTC to start my run by 5:30. I did a 15 minute out and back to make up for the time I cut short yesterday. I made it back to the PTC will about 5 minutes to spare so I jumped in the X, drove to Starbucks, got a coffee for Pain and made it back to the PTC just in time to start the spin class. I just couldn't show up empty handed.
Spin was good. Pain gave us the gist of the workout at the beginning. 3 x 8 minute sets with some time trial stuff up front with hills on the tail end. I lasted about 50 minutes and then I had to get off the bike. I needed time to stretch and take a shower before work.
After work I coached and speed workout on the road because there was a football game at the track. No big deal. I think everyone did just fine. It makes it hard for me to coach in this situation since I really can't see anyone running. I did my best though with answering training questions and helping a couple of athletes out with pre-race issues.
Tomorrow is another early day with core in the a.m. and 6 HOL repeats after work. I'm gonna sleep well tomorrow night.

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