Sunday, February 21, 2010

Solid weekend so far

My weekend training started Friday morning @ 5:30 a.m.. A bunch of us did our long run on Friday morning so we could trail run Sunday morning. I never felt quite right during the run but I still forced myself to keep going. Ran with Jess most of the way so the conversation was good. We ran through campus and I have never been there. Jess explained all the buildings and it was like a personal tour of UT. Very nice and informative. Finished off with 13.3 miles in 2:06.
Yesterday morning I met Miah @ Applied Materials to get in a quick 20 miles before the team ride. He had to move that day and I needed to check out the course as rain had come in and I wanted to make sure it was safe to ride. I wore my video glasses and caught the first 20 miles on tape. Here's the edited version for that ride:
Once back to the start we started out again for the remaining 40+ miles. I took off with the lead group and watched them suck wheel off of each other. I found it amusing that all week I talked about drafting and such and still people find the need to do it. Whatever..... I know when it comes race day I'll be more prepared than someone who drafts all the damn time. It's frustrating to me because the leaders that draft are not setting a good example for the others on the team who aren't drafting.
At about mile 45 into the ride my back started to ache but this has been normal for me for some time now. I am hoping to get stronger on the bike and in core so this pain doesn't come up on race day. We'll see.
This morning we had the team run. We cancelled the trail run because of rain. I did the 7 mile loop and pushed the last 2 miles. Having G-um and Noah running with me helped. I finished off the 7 mile loop in 56:30. That's the 1st time in about 4 months that I finished the 7 mile loop in under and hour. I felt good during the run except for the last 1.25 mi. I was pushing it so it was suppose to hurt. If it didn't then I wasn't doing right.
After the run the Scotsman (Gordon) and I went to Lift for coffee and tacos. Always fun conversation with Gordon. It was even nice enough outside to sit on the patio without freezing our butts off.
Off to take a quick nap and then around 2 I'm off to ride for a couple of hours. I love full training mode. makes my days worthwhile.
Beers tonight with Ms. O'Connor as she has signed up for her first Ironman and wants to chat about that. She's nice, cute and did I mention she's buying!!!!! Never turning down a free beer. :)

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