Thursday, February 25, 2010

The good and the frustrated

This morning started early with a 7+ mi run before work. I never really got into a good grove as my hands were freezing and I was wearing gloves. I was colder today than I was when I raced in Bandera. It was 35 degrees this morning and usually I am fine but today just wasn't going to be that way. Here's to hoping for warmer weather.
After work I made my way to the PTC for core with Lapuente and then spin with Pain.
2 Things
1- Lapuente's workout was fun for me today. I am starting to get some strength back so the positions aren't as hard as they have been. Plus I love throwing the med ball around. I was paired with Marquette today and I think I made him push himself. I like doing that.
After core I went next door for a spin with Pain. There was a good sized class today and it was warm enough to actually have the fan on and not freeze your butt off. The workout itself was freaking vicious. Lot's of hill climbing. I didn't mind it since I know I need all the work I can get when it comes to hills. Come to think of it.....looks like hill repeats for me on Sunday afternoon. Great workout and I had a solid stretch afterwards.
2- Now.... I love what I do with T3. I like to help people figure out their bikes and how they operate and I like to think when I find a new problem I can figure it out or at least learn from it. I just wish people would understand that when I get on my bike that it's training time and not "Let's bug the shit out of Logan time." I think of it as "A problem on your part does not constitute a problem on my part". Again..... once I am on the bike I am in training mode for Logan. Yes, I am a coach but if you show up unprepared then that's your problem and don't expect me to drop everything to fix your bike or whatever. I totally don't mind answering questions but when I have to stop riding, even during warm up, it drives me nuts!!!!! Yes.... I play favorites sometimes. Heck, the other day Audra dropped her chain and I jumped off my bike to explain to her that she can pop the chain back on without having to get off the bike. I like Audra as she can kick my ass in core and when she's healthy she's a great runner. Being cute helps as well. :) But I do the same for Pain, Guice, Jess and any of my other friends but they have some knowledge of their bikes and get their bike issues worked out before class and before I am on my bike.

I am in full training mode now and I am loving it. Everyday has a purpose and I want to give it my best everyday. I understand that not everyone is like this but please understand that I am. I am intense and focused when training and f'ing around doesn't fit into my training.
Just let me do my thing and when I am finished with whatever I am doing I would be more than happy to help you out.


Nancy said...

So I guess I am chopped liver?????

Rockin Austin said...

Ahhh, the frustration of being both teacher and student/or coaching and training. Hopefully more of your "students" will read this and take note. :)

Rockin Austin said...

Yeah, he does rock (the dog that is) and I'm the really slow track girl (and I'm okay with that.) :)