Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain is on the way.

Since the weather for tomorrow afternoon is going to be crappy I have had to change my weekly training plan up a bit. I was going to run after work tomorrow but rain and cold weather have derailed that. So instead I booked a massage for 4:00 and did my run this evening with the team. We did 3 man relays in the hills. My legs didn't have much in them but I feel as though I could have done better.
Before the workout I met up with Jess for a 3.5 mi warm up. Love running with Jess as we talk the entire time and I like hearing about her life and her days at school. When we finished I felt like crap. The same thing happened last week doing the same warm up. Last week I ate something right after the workout and that made me feel better but today I did not want to eat anything since I would be doing more intense running in just a little bit. I had some water and that seemed to do the trick. We'll try again next week with a little more water in me at the start.
Yesterday afternoon I did a 2 hour recovery ride with some interval sets in the middle of it to get the heart rate up. Nothing major and about 1/2 way through I felt as though I was cheating myself a bit. I like training by myself but at that time I needed a rabbit to give me something to do and to push me.
I am wanting to go faster but I have to keep that in check as I don't want to injure myself early on.
Going to Leakey in 3 weeks so that will be the big test to see how my bike fitness is.

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