Friday, February 5, 2010

By the end of the day.... I think I'm up a bit.

My day today start with a morning swim with Pain. I had a good time. We did a bunch of 100's and this is how I gauge where my swimming is now to where it once was. Today I almost died trying to hold a 1:38. A year ago I could pull down a 1:22. To me that's a big difference. Hopefully with some work and time in the pool I'll be good to go.
Work was hell again today. Ironically, this month is my 6th year at DMI and also the first time I have ever had to take work home with me. Guess who will be working during the Superbowl?
Not all was bad at work today. I received and email late in the day that kinda caught me off guard.

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between WORLD TRIATHLON CORPORATION (hereinafter “WTC” and Logan Delaware (hereinafter ANNOUNCER”) and shall govern the terms and conditions under which the consultant will provide consulting services to WTC.

That's right bitches.....I am now a paid employee of WTC. WTC are the folks that put on the Ironman 70.3 racing series all over the world. I have been hired by them to announce 2 races this year. Lone Star and Long Horn. I thought this was pretty pimp and the contract even gets me my own room at the races, along with food and gas money!!! I guess I'm doing something right.
Tomorrow is my first day back riding with the team in a very long time. I'm gonna hurt.


etg said...

Don't forget us little people now that you're a VIP and all:) Very happy for you...congrats!

jimbo11604 said...

Way to go Logan!! Congratulations on your WTC contract. Do I still have to pay you for saying my name correctly?

Chuck Buxton said...

That is great Logan!!! Maybe someday you can announce.. "Here comes Chuck Buxton over the finish line."

PTerranova said...

congrats dude!