Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mornings :(

Yet again I stayed in bed this morning. I think I need some therapy to get my ass out of bed. Tomorrow will/ have to be different as I am spinning with Pain in the morning and I already told her I would be there.
After work today I ran with the Ship. I ran with one of the top women's masters runners in town, Cindy Salazar. I really like running with Cindy as she can talk but when it's time to work she does it. We kicked out 5 x 1000m repeats.
4:25/ 4:12/ 4:23/ 4:13/ 4:16
I was happy to be out there today. My back is killing me since my quad is all messed up. I foam rolled for 5 minutes before bed this evening and I hope to continue with that for a while. I am back @ Performance Wellness on Friday to have more work done on it.

Check out this great video of Chrissie Wellington @ a Q&A session.
I really really like Wellington. Not only is she totally badass but we couldn't have a better ambassador for the sport.

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