Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Jesus..... thanks for getting me out there this weekend.

After many weeks I have finally felt the need to get out and do some training.
I am starting to see and feel the turn around. I am actually reading my current Tri mag and absorbing what it has to say. I feel a different sort of dedication this time around. More anger in my heart than usual. I'm not a mean person but I feel as though I have slacked off enough to actually get upset with myself. I rode today by myself and it felt great. No one to worry about and I challenged myself just enough to get a sweat going and not to much to get tired.
Saturday I rode with team T3 for 55 miles. I rode the old KHS and loved it. People who just ride tri bikes have no idea what they are missing. I love it when I keeping up with people with $5000 machines when my little KHS is worth about $300 on a good day. It just proves that it's not the bike but the heart and sole of the rider that make it fast. So many people down here think they can buy speed but it's the person that provides the speed.
This morning I ran with Guice for the 10 mile loop around the lake. It was my longest run since Bandera and we went at a perfect pace. I never felt wiped and she let me talk all I wanted. After the run I had breakfast with Amanda and Gordon. Gordon introduced me to vegan breakfast tacos and they kicked ass. We will be having our post run breakfast @ LIFT from now on.
Once breakfast was finished I made it home for a 90 minute nap. Couldn't sleep all that well because of things on my mind but I was off my legs and that was nice. Once I was awake and moving I prepped the KHS, loaded up the X again and made my way to Kiker. I called my mom on the way there to check in with her. She has a cold and I feel bad that she's sick. She's tough as nails but there is no need for her to be sick when she could be enjoying the Maine winter. Wait a sec.... maybe she's better off being sick. Ha!!!!! When I started my recovery ride it was 75 degrees. Absolutely gorgeous! I rode for 26 miles in the wind as a front was moving in. I finished and it was 54 degrees. What's up with that???? I enjoyed the ride as I was by myself. I do enjoy riding with the team but it's the alone time I enjoy more to reflect and think of how I can better perform. I cherish the time I get to spend alone on the doesn't come that often.
After the ride I hit the HEB and did my shopping for the week. I sped home and took a quick shower as I was off to Red's Porch to meet up with Haggs for beers and a bite to eat. We had a great time and we were joined by Jenn around 7. It's always a pleasure to spend time with people that enjoy my company and that I respect. Both ladies are just good people.
I am hoping to get up and swim in the morning with Pain. If I do this then I will feel that I am 100% back into the swing of things. Hopefully the beers won't hurt too bad.

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etg said...

Mission accomplished...let Logan talk and I will listen so I can keep up and keep breathing! Thanks for a great run and welcome back to training...again :) P.S. Don't be any meaner to yourself than you would be to anyone else.