Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keepin' it low.

All I did today was core. Now I'm not saying that core was easy. I remember this time last year I could kick out 50 push ups with taking a break, Now I can barely do 10 without seeing stars. I am hoping to correct this. Lapuente not only kicked my ass this afternoon but she looked as only Lapuente could look. Good looks can kill.:)

So this weekend's team ride is kinda of a comeback for me. We are doing the Rosedale Ride. This is the same route where I went down last year. I haven't ridden it since and I am eager to get back out there. I'm a smarter rider than I was last year and this is a proving ground for me. I look forward to the challenge.

On a T3 note. Thank the lord that Mo put his foot down about some shit going down at T3. Now my putting the foot down and Mo's are very different but he did put an end to some shit before it snowballed out of control. It's nothing major, just people not respecting other property. Trainers and other crap. My personal opinion is if you can afford this sport you can afford a freaking trainer. I tend not to rely on others and I feel I'm pretty self sufficient. Others..... well let's just say it amazes me.

2 of my cousins got back to me about my race in Ohio. I now have a place to stay on sunday night and Monday night. Thanks Sheila and Teresa.... I am looking forward to the post race dinner.

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