Monday, September 28, 2009

The ups and down me and IT.

The ups: I posted my first video Thurs. on Youtube.
The downs: My 2nd video I posted on Youtube never worked and I tried all freaking day Sat. trying to get it to work. I really dislike technology!

So I has this really great post from Sat. and it was deleted when i tried to upload a video this this damn blog. WTF!!!!! This shit should be easy but no such luck for me.

Here's my training from the weekend.
Sat. I ran with Syd on the GB for an hour in and an hour out. Once I dropped her off at her car I went back in for another 20 minutes in and out. Towards the end of the run I was tired. I then soaked in the free end of Barton Springs. It lasted about 3 minutes and then I saw 2 snakes. So I screamed like a little girl, grew wings like a Pixie and walked on water like a god. It made for a good laugh.
Sunday I ran 14 miles with Jess. She's doing Chicago in a couple of weeks and she is going to kick ass. The run was good but it did start to get a little warm towards the end. We averaged about an 8:35 pace. I felt strong the entire run and that was a bit of a surprise to me. The rest of the day I spent cleaning 5 bikes, talking/texting with Pain and grocery shopping. My life is sooooo exciting.

I received some cool news this morning. My good friend Sebastian is doing the 50k @ Bandera as well. He's training with Rogue and I think this is awesome. It's good to have him back out training again.

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