Monday, September 21, 2009

At work so this has to be short

Yesterday I ran the Town Lake trail for about 1:30. Actually a bit less than that but I stopped my watch at the water stop and forgot to start it again. So it was about 10 miles. I ran the first loop with T-rav and 2 new folks. Everyone kept up and the new folks seemed to enjoy themselves. I was using this as a recovery run so no hard stuff. Plus my toe was bothering me from the fall on Sat.
This morning I jumped out of bed and realized my toe was pretty much f'ed. It's swollen and turned all different colors. Yeah it hurt but what the hell am I going to do? I will not stop training and there isn't much you can do for a toe so I sucked it up and headed to core class with Tasha.
It was freaking humid this morning because I was sweating after about 1 minute. There have been some small improvements in the strength dept. but still a long ways to go.

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Chuck Buxton said...

Welcome back cuz. I took time off from blogging myself. Glad to hear you are back at it(blogging and training). Crystal and I have our last sprint of the season this weekend. I have a few updates to do to my blog. Did my first Olympic a month ago.. You should be able to post now to my blog