Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excuse me if I sound like a jerk

The last line of this post from a tri forum could possibly be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.
From poster #1:
We're going to allow you to set up your spot at T1 with towel, etc on race morning. You'll just have to make sure you stuff it all back into the bag before leaving T1 so we can transport it. You're more than welcome to put your helmet on your bike, or on your towel, etc. Same with's fine to leave your stuff out, if you want The bags are BIG... We're doing this so we can easily transport your stuff back to the Expo Center/Arena, so you don't have to go back to Walter E. Long Park. We're NOT doing this to create a big hassle for you. Trust me, this is WAAAAAAAAY more work for us to do all of this. We need box trucks, 2 crews for 2 different transition areas, etc. BUT, the reason we're doing it is to make the race MUCH better for you. No walking back to your car after the race, air conditioned finish with an incredibly unique finish. It'd been much easier for us to just leave it the way it was. But we want this to be a great race for YOU. The idea is NOT to make it more difficult for you. I really don't think it will be, but it sounds much more complicated than it is.
Poster #2's reply:
OK, I know I'm being OCD here, but do you have dimensions on the bags?

Please Poster #2 don't breed.

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