Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let it rain

It rained all day today and it was awesome!!! We are in such need of rain that I stopped caring about when it rains just as long as it rains. Today was bit odd with that it was raining and 60 degrees @ 6:00 p.m. today. I'm surprised that the city offices didn't shut down. But it did make for small track workout this evening. Only 6 people showed up. The pic posted shows Noah, Jess and Geeeeee-um warming up.

My workouts today almost didn't happen. I didn't get out of bed this morning. Somehow I convinced myself at 5:30 a.m. that I didn't need to ride because I am not tri training right now. My mind is my worst enemy in the wee hours of the morning. At lunch today I actually went to Courtyard for a swim. Now it was only 30 minutes and I totally sucked but at least I got into the pool. The pool water was off the chain today. Wayyyyyy too much chlorine. I mean my teeth are whiter now but I'd like to leave that to the dentist.

So in the morning I am expecting myself to get my ass out of bed @ 5 so I can make it to core by 5:30. After work it will be HOL/HOD repeats. I am working up to for this week so we'll see how that goes. I plan on bringing my camera to take some pics of what it looks like. I hope I remember the damn thing.

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