Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hitting the trails

Yesterday I woke up a bit early and headed to Natasha's core class. Of course she killed me but I'm pretty sure I'm stronger because of it.
This morning I woke up just as early to meet Sydney for a trail run on the Greenbelt. Well 6:00 came and no Syd. After a quick text message and then a phone call she reviled that she over slept and would be there by 6:30. At 6:36 we took off in the dark for a quick 20 minute out and back run. She had to be at work by 8 so we had to cut it short. We turned on our headlamps and were off. It was a good run but way too short. Once back to the cars she took off and I reloaded some water and a Carboom to take off for a 40 minute out and back. About 6 minutes into the run I drove my toe into a rock I didn't see (it's daylight by now) and took a spill. I collected myself and inspected the damage. Nothing broken but my toe does hurt and look......awh shit.... my water bottle top came off and all my water was gone. I gathered myself and headed back to the X to reload. I filled up with water I had left in the X and headed back out onto the trail. Instead of a 40 minute it turned into a 33 minute out and back. I haven't run the GB in a long time so I wasn't exactly sure where to go but I surprised myself and kept to the trail without any detours. I went pretty slow and I was running low on water so I was suffering a bit. But I did manage to make it back to the X @ Barton Springs.
It was too late to get into the springs for free so I went to the overflow side and sat down in the water there. I watched some guy throw the ball for his dog about 50 times. That damn dog went apeshit everytime the guy threw the ball. It was fun to watch. After a quick soak I ran into Paladino who just ran 15 miles. Thatta boy Johnny. He told me my old running crew was headed to Dario's for breakfast. I hadn't been to breakfast with the Ship in a long time so I drove to the east side and found Dario's. I sat down right next to Al and he was in form this morning. Man the guy cracks me up with all the shit he talks. I had 2 cokes and miga's. Mmmmmmm good!!!! The miga's were ok. I have had better and cheaper. $9 bucks for miga's and a coke!!!!! But the company was worth the price I guess.
After Dario's I made my way to Rogue Running and bought a new head lamp. The one I bought yesterday from RunTex sucked. And I also purchased a new running water bottle. I saw 2 people on the trail this morning running with 2 bottles so I thought I would give that a try.
Running and tri's are very much a like. One thing is that you experiment all the time with different things such as nutrition, running shoes and accessories. So I'm gonna try the 2 bottle theory and see how that goes. Thanks to Syd who works @ Rogue for the hook up today. They didn't have any lights out front because they have been broken into twice in the past 10 days so she found one out back for me. It's the same as hers and I thought hers was pretty bright this morning.

So overall I ran 2 hours on the GB today with a 10 minute BS soak. Hopefully next week I'll stay on my feet more and I'll get my nutrition down a bit better. I didn't feel very good after I fell but I managed to push through and finish up instead of turning back early.

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