Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a weekend

Let's get to it.

Friday. I met up with Ben @ 6:00 a.m. for a nice and easy 5 mile run. OMG!!!! It was the hardest 5 mile run ever. I was running 8:05 per mile and I could barely keep up with Ben. My body just couldn't go any faster. It was freaking humid as hell. I was a mess.
Sat. Long ride day and I wasn't about to sit on the computrainer for 100 miles. I packed up my outdoor gear and headed to South Mopac. SM is an 8 mile loop in south Austin. It's pretty good training. No major hills but nothing crazy easy. Start time temps were in the mid 40's with wind. The wind was the killer for the day. SM is an out and back route so on the way out I had a 15 to 20 mph head wind and on the way back I had the tail wind. I had planned on doing the 100 so I paced myself for it. I was all by myself so I had no one to keep up with so when I needed to scale back a bit I did. Towards the end of the 7th loop I had to get off my bike and stretch my back and neck. They were killing me. I didn't have this issue before the accident but I have had it before. I am not sure how to fix it and this is something that worries me a bit. It really bothered me at IMAZ in '07 and I don't want to go back to that pain in a race again. Shit. About a mile into loop 8 I was hit by a solid gust of wind and that was the straw that broke my back that day. I had had enough of the damn wind. 71 miles into it and I was spent. Averaged 17.1 mph and with the wind I was pleased with that. For it being the first time on the bike outside since going down I think this was a victory for me. I wanted the 100 and am a little frustrated with not getting there but enough was enough.
Sunday. I was really looking forward to the run this morning. I awoke with no back pain which has been bothering me for the past week. I threw some cereal down my throat, dropped the kids off at the pool and headed down to the trail. The weather this morning was almost perfect for running. No wind, cool and calm. We started with a 10 mile trail loop. I haven't done the 10 mile trail loop in almost 3 years, it was a nice change. Suzanne ran the entire 10 with me and that made me feel good because she is a solid runner and she was talking up a storm so that made time go by. Once done with the first 10 we headed out for a second 10 but this time it was on the road. I really enjoy the 10 mile road loop. It's all hills the first 5 and then a slight downhill the last 5. Suzanne stayed with me and we picked up Joe for the final 10 and I felt pretty good. My legs started cramping a bit around mi 18.5 but I just kept going knowing that the end was near.
20.03 miles in 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's an 8 minute mile. I was very happy with that.

Notes from the weekend.
-Having dinner with Pain Sat. was the highlight of the weekend.
- My hat is off to all the folks that did the 100 on Sat and then the 20 on Sun.
- I love picking up the pace that last 5 miles of a 20 mile run. Suzanne doesn't like that so much.
- I ordered 2 burgers from P. Terry's for dinner and when I got home I had 3 in the bag. You bet yer ass I ate all 3..... oh and the chocolate shake as well.

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