Monday, March 2, 2009

When the tough get down the tough get rehab.

Hey folks…..

Yes I have been MIA. My mom called me yesterday letting me know that she was concerned about me since I hadn’t updated my blog in over a week. When mom calls about something like that it means I better fix it quick.
Here’s the low down.
I crashed last Saturday (2/21). I rubbed my front wheel on Mo’s rear wheel and I went down. I separated my shoulder and tore the hell out of my knee. The hole in my knee is a site to see. But I am getting better with the help of the awesome people at Performance Wellness. Chris and Phil have been a huge help in getting me back in the game. In just a week my range of motion in my shoulder has improved more than I thought it would. I still can’t pick up my right arm the entire way but it’s getting better every day. Hell…. Today was the first day I am not wearing a button up shirt. I actually have a polo shirt on. It’s been a chore getting dressed in the mornings and an even bigger adventure trying to take my shirts off. I have even made myself laugh at how ridiculous I look trying to get a shirt on.
I finally got back on my bike yesterday. I sat in the trainer for 1 hour. It was nice to get back in the saddle for a bit. I couldn’t put much pressure on my right arm and getting in the aero bars was totally out of the questions but I proved to myself that I can ride now so I’ll be doing a lot of that for the next few weeks. No riding outside yet because I just can’t steer for beans. I am hoping that once my knee heels I’ll be able to get back into running. The scar on my knee is pretty rough so I have to wait for that to heel before running again. Swimming is totally out of the question. I can’t bring my elbow up to get it out and over the water. This will take some time. I am eager to get back into things but smart enough to know that over doing it at the beginning will lead to problems down the road.
I’ll post some pics of me in the hospital when Esther took awesome care of me. Thank the lord she was there because I didn’t understand a damn thing the doc was saying and all I wanted was blueberry pancakes from Austin Java.
Also… thanks to Debbie the cattle farmer who picked me up off the side of the road and gave me a ride back, Pain for taking me to the hospital, Lapuente for driving my beat ass home, Jack from taking care of my bike and to all my teammates and friends that showed their concern. Oh yeah….. and thanks to Jess and Elizabeth for cooking for me for the past week. That chicken and vegi’s last night totally kicked ass.


Maggie said...

I'm glad you're "okay" and on your way to getting better.
good for you for getting on the trainer.
you may want to warn me before posting the pics of your "ground beef" knee.

Ali said...

Is that a chunk of meat on your sweat pants?.. Get well soon! xoxo