Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to the basics

I just got back from the track. Yup..... I went to the track for my run. I usually hit the trail but I needed to be alone for this run. I needed to concentrate on my running and not going fast. The trail would have made me run too fast and I would have had to deal with too many other obstacles this morning.
I did a 6:00 warm up. My knee felt not great but good enough to run on. My shoulder was fine as long as I didn't try to get to much work out of it. Once the warm up was done I did some drills and then started 3x1 mile repeats. I just wanted to see where I was with my running and this would tell me. I didn't go too hard as I wanted to see how my knee and shoulder would react to the running. All went pretty well. They both ached a bit at the beginning but warmed up a little bit as I kept chuggin along. My aerobic base is shot to shit. I wanted to stop running after the first 1/2 mi. I just didn't feel right but hell...... when will I ever feel right coming off an injury.
I did all 3 mile repeats in just under 7:30. I never pushed it hard and I never really slowed down. I give the workout an overall 5.
Just to bring you all up to speed. I went to the PW yesterday and Sellers and Phil looked over me and xrays. I have a small separation in my right shoulder and my collar bone has somehow rotated inward. Phil says that will go back when my shoulder gets better. It was cool to see it in an xray. So now I can start running again and Phil has me doing some rubberband work for my shoulder which to me is a good sign that I can get back into some training. Swimming it still out of the question which sucks because I miss swimming. I'll try and get on the trainer later today and hopefully my shoulder will hold up to 30 minutes of it.

We'll see.

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jimbo11604 said...

Good to see that things are progressing. Keep hanging in there and be patient with your recovery. I am looking forward to seeing you on the trails.