Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simple math

1 poop before run
1 poop during run
1 poop after run...... for those counting and having trouble keeping up that's 3 poops.
7.5 miles
1 hour 1 minute 52 secs
1 Water stop
1 wave to Paul and Des
1 Endurox post run..... after poop #3.
1 Bud Light
5 lbs lost the hard way.

I've had worse days.


erin said...

...and he's back! yay!

jimbo11604 said...

And how you doing on that critique on bathrooms and porta-potties that you were working. Is this all part of the research?

Dionn said...

YAY! Logan's back!!

(cheerleader jump!)

Chuck Buxton said...

poop posts seem to be youyr most popular cuz!!