Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If I have free time I better be dead.

I left work today at noon because I honestly didn't feel all that great. I made it home and took a 90 minute nap which helped. I woke up feeling great. It was 3:00 and I had a ton of time left in the day. So in my post nap grogginess I decide that running 9 miles before my spin class this evening is a great idea. Ugh!!!!
I took off from the ptc @ 4:00 and ran down to the trail. I headed east on the south side and made my way across the Congress bridge and then back down the north side heading west. The temps were in the low 90's today and that was a bit too much for running today. I never felt all that great.... never to crappy either. But I did struggle on the run at times. I brought my own water and liquid nutrition and that helped. I brought it so I wouldn't stop and I didn't stop except to talk my friend Katie who I hadn't seen in a while. For the most part my legs felt heavy and my foot strike was ugly. Oh well. 9 miles in 1:18
After the run I jumped on my trainer with the T3 crew for Tues night spin. Both Pain and Mo were there and I will have to say.... seeing Pain made my day. The woman just has that effect on me. I swear if she ever leaves my life I will be totally lost and I'll probably end up walking the earth like that guy from the show Kung Fu. But instead of kicking peoples asses I'll be telling them about the greatest Wed. a.m. core class EVER!!!!!
The spin class didn't start until 6:15 and I had free time so instead of hanging out I jumped on my bike and did a steady state ride for 30 minutes. I just pushed a medium gear and never went above 95 on the cadence. Once the class started it was a little tough for me to hang on but once I took my head out of my ass I perked up and laid the smack down. Sapp was parked in front of me and she was having a mentally tough day. Now I love Sapp but I tried the tough love approach on her today and it worked for about 10 minutes and then she had had enough of the bike. I was slightly disappointed but then she amazed me by putting on her running shoes and going out on a run. Now that is how you do it!!!!! If one thing isn't working for you give something else a try. Sapp..... you are badass and I am proud of you.
Today is St. Patrick's Day. A great holiday but for safety sake I stay in and I don't go out to the pubs. That's just a bad idea. I'm Irish everyday so I can have my St. Patrick's Day any day I want to. But I did want to have a beer after the workout just to enjoy a good workout and a good day to be Irish. My lone fellow Irishman, Chris Quirk was at the PTC this evening and after the workout we enjoyed a lovely Killians Irish Red (It's brewed by Coors but what the hell..... it said Irish on the label.). Thanks for having the beer with me Capt. Quirk, it was a pleasure.

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Thanks Dude--my legs were NOT working last night. Just didn't have it, which is understandable considering all of the other tough workouts. Plus, I'm doing my 100 miler this weekend and want to feel ready for it!!