Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok ma.... here's an update. :)

Hey folks..... 2 words..... Holy shit!
The past week has had it's ups and downs. More ups than downs.
2 friends past away this past week because of heart attacks. Both good guys. Make sure you people are seeing your doctors about your heart health.
I had to drive home from Galveston hung over as all hell.
I didn't train at all over this past weekend.
I had a freaking awesome time at the Lonestar Tri weekend in Galveston. Holy shit that was a good time.
Last Friday I did 40 miles on the bike and then a 7 mile run. I felt pretty good.
I met some rockin' cool people this weekend and miss them already.
I just did a spin this morning and then again this evening with a 30 minute core class mixed in.
10.5 weeks until CDA and I am not even close to being ready. How is that an "up"? The hell if I know.
I finally broke down and bought an ipod. That was soon followed by a new Blackberry.
I'm going back to the Bomb run tomorrow. The Bomb run is the best of the best runners in Austin. They go out as group for a run every Friday morning @ 6. I am honored to be asked to be part of this group and I think I haven't be dead last twice. Both times it was because someone got hurt on the run.
My new bike is getting closer and closer to being ready. I get to check on it tomorrow.

Overall I have been in a shitty mood lately except for Lonestar. Did I mention that it totally kicked ass? I have so much on my plate right now it would kill the average person. I am back to swimming and my shoulder is holding up. I have to breathe to the opposite side that I am used to so that sucks but at least I can swim. I hit the springs Sat morning before the ride so we'll see how that goes.

It was my aunts birthday on Tues. Happy B-day Jo. I hope we see each other soon.

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