Monday, March 16, 2009

Things are kinda coming together

Since my last post I have tried to get back into a routine. It didn't take long for that routine to come back and that makes me very happy. My shoulder is still a mess but it has gotten better and I may even try riding outside sometime this coming weekend. My run is doing well and I feel as though my legs are fresher than they have been in a long time. Still no swimming. My knee is still healing and once that is done I can get back into the pool for kicking drills and such. My arm is not even close to swim ready and that may be another month away.
Here is an update on my training from the past few days.
Wed.- I did about 30 minutes of Pain's core class. She asked that I not do the entire thing and ease back into working out. Not only is she beautiful but very wise as well.
Thurs.- In the a.m before work I jumped on my trainer and did the T3 spin class. I felt pretty good and I kept up for the most part. After work I met up with Lapuente for a 7 mile run. This run was used to see how my knee and body would hold up for running. Overall is went very well. I never really had any pains and the swelling after the run was not as bad as it had been in my knee. We did 7 miles in just under 1 hour and that was just about perfect for the type of run we did.
Fri.- Took the day off from working out. Good idea!
Sat. - I really had no idea of what to expect for this day. I had a 3 hour trainer ride lined up and since the weather was shitty, a bunch of people were going to join in. The PTC was scheduled to be open @ 8 so I got there early and started at 7:15. I knew 3 hours was going to be tough so I planned to get some time in by myself and do the rest with the group. It worked out pretty well. I never was bored (it happens a lot when riding on a trainer) and my body felt great. I worked my ass off the last 90 minutes while Pain guided us through a 2 hour workout. I was pleased with the outcome.
Sun.- This was the big deal of the week. Sunday is the teams long run day. All the folks that are doing CDA had 15 miles scheduled. I planned on trying to do 10 and then shutting it down. I figured 10 was plenty for me since I have out of action for 3 weeks. It started off and ended with me, Lapuente, Booher and Suzanne. About 3 miles into it I tossed my plan out with the trash and decided to keep up with Booher as best as possible. Man was it fun. Booher and I ran down Lamar together while the ladies we no more than 10 feet off our heels. Once back on the trail we headed back to the Rock (first 10 miles in 1 hiur 18 minutes). This was where I was suppose to end my journey for the day. Well........ that didn't happen. I went back out with the gang for the final 5. I don't know what happened but I felt like a million bucks so I just kept speeding up. With 2 miles left it was Suzanne and I running our ass's off. We just kept getting faster and faster. It felt freaking awesome to be going fast again...... just like Ricky Bobby! We finished the last 2 miles in under 14 minutes. For us that was fast but wicked fun. 15 miles in 1 hour 58 minutes.
Today.... Monday I am paying the price a bit with some soreness in uncommon areas but overall not too bad. It was a solid weekend of training for me and I plan to continue to use this past week as a base builder for the next 2 weeks to come.

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