Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training makes you tired

I have no idea how I have trained for 3 Ironmans. I did one really hard workout yesterday and I have dragging ass all day today. I made it to the PTC this morning for a spin class with Pain. I lasted just over 30 minutes. That was my plan as I did not get in a good stretch yesterday evening. I spent 15-20 minutes this morning getting in some solid stretching. It felt pretty good. I used the spin class to mainly loosen my body up so I could stretch.
I hit the pool during lunch today. I got a bunch of sun on my back. I have to remember sun block next time. Amanda was the coach today and she wasn't too bad. Hell, she remembered my name and that's a big plus in my book. I was sloooooooow today but with more swim time scheduled I hope to get back to a normal swim feel.
My hamstring is killing me today. I think it was the swim because before it I think I was fine. It's tight as all hell. I am really hoping is doesn't bother my ride or run tomorrow. We'll see.

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