Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 for tuesday

Yeah the title is lame but I lack in creativity right now.
This morning I was motivated enough to get out of bed and train on my own. It's nice having keys to the PTC so I can get my workouts in when needed. I was on the bike @ 6 and off exactly 1 hour later. I really enjoyed the workout. It was similar to the one Pain had us do last week except I made it a bit longer. After a good stretch and shower I was off to work.
After work I did a speed workout with the Ship. It was great running weather so it was a good night for mile repeats. I nailed down 4 of them.
1600 w/ splits
800x2 3:27/ 3:17
Good overall workout as I was never out of my comfort zone. I could have gone faster but there was no need and I am happy with that.

Huge THANK YOU goes out to my sister Stacey for doing my taxes again this year. I suck @ them and she's wicked smart!

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