Friday, March 26, 2010

Pain in the morning....International Relations in the evening

Thursday was a big day for me.
Pain was coaching core @ 5:30 a.m. so I just had to be there. Starbucks isn't open before 5:30 so I picked her coffee up from 7/11. Oh thank heaven! Made it to core on time with coffee in hand and proceeded to kick out a 40 min core workout. Once I polished that off I jumped into a phone booth and came out as cyclist Logan. I jumped on the KHS and started towards work. I really dislike daylight savings time. It took an hour of morning daylight away from me. With that said I rode in the dark for most of the ride. I looked like a UFO with all the blinkie lights I had on. I was actually bored riding because I couldn't go fast. Like Ricky Bobby.... I just wanna go fast!!! But I made it to work on time and in one piece. Only one car almost hit me so I'll take that.
After work I was back on the KHS and down 360 I went. The wind was hollowing outside and in no specific direction. Crossing the 360 bridge was interesting and trying to get across Bee Caves always is an adventure.
Instead of heading back to the X I went to O'Henry for a hill workout with the Ship. The workout was a 5k tempo run with hills involved. That freaking hurt! I haven't run a 5k in about 2 years. I stayed with Russell most of the way until he pulled away but I just kept on chuggin'. If you don't understand what a tempo run is it's basically going hard right off the line and not letting up. According to this horseshit running scale that Big Jeff has come up with from Run Fast Run Long, I should have been running a 6:45/ mile pace. That would be 20:39 for the run. I thought this was crazy up until about 30 seconds ago when I checked my time and calculated it into pace per mile. I kicked out a 6:43/ mile pace for 20:34. I have not run that fast in a long LONG time. But I did have fun with it.
After the run I quickly jumped onto the KHS and rode 4 miles back to the X. By now I am just wiped out. My legs had no lift or life left in them. BUT..... Logan was needed once again and this time it was to facilitate international relations. So I quickly drove home, shoved some food down my throat and took a quick shower as I was off to the Broken Spoke!!!!!
The Spoke ( is a country music honky tonk type of place about a 1/2 mi from my place. My friend Marla had a co worker (Alexandra) in from the UK and she wanted to do something Texas. What's more Texas than going to the Spoke to learn how to 2 Step? Not a damn thing is more Texas! So me being a TRUE Texan (lol) I manned up to the challenge. Alex and I were partners and we had a freaking blast! We both had never done the 2 step before so we were stepping all over each other. Both of us just kept saying, "1,2,3, step and slide." It was too funny. A Yankee and a Brit 2 steppin'. She had a blast and we all totally had a rockin' good time. Would I do it again? If it were Alex and I, totally. Anyone else I am afraid I wouldn't have as much fun. Huge thanks to Marla and Kent for getting this together and for paying for my beers!
I have a big training weekend ahead of me but the highlight of the week was definitely the Spoke.
Happy Birthday Ma!!!!!!

36.5 miles on the bike
4 miles running with a 20:34 5k.
40 minutes of core
90 minutes of 2 steppin'.

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etg said...

Happy Birthday, Logan's mom! You "done good" with this one...lots of reasons to be proud of him! Now if only he would get to the pool...just kidding (sort of), great training week, Logan!