Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catch up

This is the crunched version of the past few days.
Friday: Did nothing because my legs were fried from core, riding, riding again, running hills workout, riding some more and then 2 Step lessons. Being a big deal is tough!
Sat: Missed the opp to ride with Jess and the gang so I started at Akins around 7:30. Very windy but I was more than happy to put the work in. 73 miles @ 18.5 mph.
Sun: Did nothing. But I did go to the roller derby Sunday night! Man that stuff is crazy and the people that go to these things are totally fun just to watch.
Mon: Worked and coached.
Tues: Back to being a badass. At the PTC @ 5:30 for core. By 6:30 I was on the road riding to work in the dark again. BORING!!! I couldn't get my legs moving quickly. Must have been the Roller Derby beverages. After work I rode to O'Henry for a track workout with the Ship. This Run Fast Run Less shit is going to kill me.
On tap for tonight was a 1600, 3200, 800, 800
According to Big's chart I needed to run a 6:12, 12:40, 2:58, 2:58
This is how it panned out: 5:59, 13:21, 2:59, 3:01. I read the first time incorrectly and ended up going faster than I needed. The 3200 I think may have been a little longer but I really don't care. It finished on an uphill and I crushed that son of a bitch! Thought of PT while the crushing was going on. The 2 final 800's hurt like hell. Thanks to Big, Dave (?) and Bruce (my favorite liberal) for pulling me through.
After the painfest was over I had to ride back to the PTC. It really hurt to ride that 5 miles. The last hill almost did me in. Just downright hard work this afternoon. Oh and did I mentioned my ride after work had 17 mph headwinds and traffic was all jacked up. But yet again.... I welcome the wind. Bring it bitch!

Happy Birthday to my sister Stacey on Sunday
Happy Birthday to my brother Grant tomorrow
Happy Birthday to Matthew (Molly and Seba's boy) yesterday
Happy Birthday to Pain on Thursday

I think that should cover it for now.

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