Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time for the Death Ride

This weekend is the yearly gathering @ Lost Maples in Vanderpool, TX. This camping/ riding weekend brings together some of the better riders in Austin and also brings out some not so good riders as well. It's called the Death Ride because it's pretty freaking tough. The first hill you come to @ about mi 5 is about a mile and a half long and will just kick your ass. It's pretty much up one side of a mountain and down the back side. The back side is no picnic, it's all switch backs so you can't really get going too fast or you're done for. Lexus uses the same route that we will be riding to test drive their newer models. No joke.
I'm pretty stoked to go since the weather is looking good and I have some good friends meeting me there. I'll be riding Friday afternoon, Sat morning and afternoon and then on Sunday morning. I should get in just about 200 miles. This is a good way for me to jump start my training. The pop up is ready for more action and Vernau is crashing with me the first night. Good company and good times ahead.

Today I rode my bike to work. I still dealing with a sinus cold but I just had to ride. Coming home I learned yet another valuable lesson. When going south on 360 and making the turn onto the Mopac access road don't do it at 33 mph. I did and on a bike......well.... it's a REALLY bad idea!!!!!!! Almost ended up in the willy wackies. I had the wind at my back for the ride home so I was hammering most of the way. It's not everyday I get the wind going with me so I took advantage of it.

If I get Internet service while camping I'll post some pics.

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