Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Plain and simple....I suck at core.

6:00 a.m. and there I am at core with Lapuente. I need more days with her and core but my schedule just doesn't allow it. But I also need more time in the pool and time on the bike. Just never enough time for what I would like to achieve. Oh well....shit happens. But I still suck at core.

Hit the pool at lunch. Had a tough swim. Can't hold the times I used to. I guess I have to get to the pool more than 1 time a week. But I did get some sun on my back today. That was kinda cool.

Riding to work in the morning. should be fun. The ride home is gonna suck. the prediction is saying 15 mph head winds. Only makes me stronger but I am sure I won't be saying that around 5:15 tomorrow.

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Rockin Austin said...

You should leave work now...the winds are calm. ;)