Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Sat- I rode 55 miles with the team. I broke out my tri bike as the route we were doing wasn't very hilly. I did well until around mi 40 when my shoulders were tight and my power was decreasing faster than I wanted it to. I just have to work on getting stronger. After the ride i did a couple of 1 mile repeats. 7:30 and 7:21.
Sunday - I ran 13 with Riggs and did a couple of Wilke repeats for good measure. Riggs didn't have a lot of knowledge when it came to longer distance nutrition so I did a lot of talking about what needs to be done in order to survive.
Sunday afternoon - I had the KHS tuned up @ J&A's and then Zane did a quick fit for me since my bars had moved a bit. He adjusted my seat as well and that seemed to make a big difference. Once that was finished I went for an hour ride. I was planning on doing more but I didn't bring anything to eat with me and the wind just sucked.
Monday- I took the day off and will be back @ it tomorrow.

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