Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Someone turn up the damn heat!!!

Well, again today it was 30 degrees. I miss the Texas summers. I'll be saying that I miss the winter sometime soon I'm sure.
Today's training started off right, core workout with Pain. Nothing says hello like bringing Pain coffee and then having her beat the hell out of for 1 hour. Man it's good times.
At lunch I received a special treat. A double dose of Pain!!! She coached the lunchtime swim and man was the water cold. About 15 minutes into the swim it felt great but jumping in was a bit of a shock. Today's workout was a lot of 85% 100's focusing on DPS and rolling the hips. I really liked the workout. I never was too out of breath. My rolling sucks but I was trying to work on it.
After work I coached a track workout. Lots of 400's today.

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