Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hiils??? What hills?

Yesterday was my typical Wednesday. I woke up at the buttcrack of dawn for a 1 hour core workout with Pain. At lunch I hit the pool for a quick swim. It was my first swim 3 weeks so I suffered early and got out early. After work I coached a kick ass track workout.

Today started with a spin class with Mo. Good way to start the day and Celine brought bagels for after the workout. Mmmmmmmmmmmm........
After work is when the fun started for me. Now let me say that I don't put my athletes through any workout that I haven't done before. With that said Pain had me do a hill workout today that conquers all other hill workouts that I have done except for the 5 Ladera Norte repeats I did in July.
So I started at Jack and Adam's and ran to Wilke. Wilke is a hill here in Austin that is about 300 meters long and pretty much straight uphill. This hill will kick your ass but it builds so much power in your legs you can't not do it. It was a 2 mile warm up to Wilke from the shop. Once there I didn't hesitate and I started in on my 10 repeats. At first I thought Pain was a little crazy asking me to do this but I kept thinking that she wouldn't kill me now would she? I kept myself on a 4:30 interval and that allowed me just about 1 minute rest in between each one. That was almost perfect. I never felt like I was starting off like I didn't get enough rest. About #7 I started feeling a little tired. My calves were firing like crazy on the downhill. I didn't want to disappoint Pain so I kept on going and when I finished I was happy. But not to cheat myself I knew that Pain had more in store for me. She also told me to run 1/2 way up the hill backwards 3 times. And after that was done to sprint 1/4 way up the hill 3 more times. So I did what she said and I have concluded that this workout kicks ass.
For all you T3'ers that read this blog and do Monday runs with me, we will be doing this workout in February. I will be asking you to do 10 repeats plus the other stuff so get prepared. It's coming!!!!!


Kevin said...

Something to look forward to.... :)

Yvonne said...

After hearing about the workout this morning and reading your post, I am officially not coming to Monday night workouts anymore!

J/K, looking forward to it..I think??

The Lindsor said...

Looking forward to it!!! Bring it, Wilke!

Dionn said...

NNNNNiiiiiicccceeeee! ;)