Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2 and I already have issues

So on Thursday I notice a little bump on my right arm. Nothing serious at the time. Well by Saturday it a full blown staph infection and my elbow looks like it has a hole in it. I made it to the doc on Monday and he said it I did a good job draining it. Nothing that a little sewing needle can't fix is what I say. So I figure I'm all good. Not so quick. He points out the red streaks going up my arm into my bicep and says, " Yeah.... um.... you know..... that's not good." The infection has spread and now he's concerned about a blood clot. So now I'm on antibiotics made for Godzilla and they make me feel like shit. I go back tomorrow morning and if it's still in bad shape he's gonna start doing some cutting to take out the big ass lump I have in my elbow. So right now I can't swim. No biggie but it just throws a wrench into my plans. I'll work around it.
Yesterday I did yoga in the morning. We (T3) have a new yoga instructor named Marko. The guy it off the chain and I was sweating 5 minutes into the session. The guys accent had me laughing inside the entire time. He says stuff like, "Anda nowa takea the lefta foota." Hilarious!
This morning I was at the PTC at 6:00 for a spin class with Pain. She and Mo are really pushing the one legged drills. I don't mind it but I do kinda suck at them. With more work I know I'll get better.
After work I headed out for a run with the Ship. Speed work on the track this evening. Yasso 800's. I did 5 of them starting at 3:27 and worked my way down to 3:09. I could have done more but mother nature was calling and a 6th could have been an adventure.

No updated news on Bo. They took him out of the coma and he didn't react well to it so they put him back in. He is breathing on his own and I have been told he is looking good considering. I would go see him and his family but with my arm in the shape that it is I can't get within 100 yards of a hospital. I'll see him when I get better.


erin said...

uh, yikes on the staph infection! no good!!! (perhaps that's why I'm staying away from you?)

Thinking about Bo, too. Ready for some good news.

Jane said...

take care of yourself. Better to take a few days off swimming than lose your arm! Cellulitis is nothing to take lightly

Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about the staph infection, but the bit about the accent had me cracking up!